Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Completed: A Dance of Cloaks

Originally posted August 21, 2011 on tumblr

so recently i got myself a kindle so that i can easily have reading material in my purse at any given moment
While looking to buy “perfect Shadow” by brent weeks this book “a dance of cloaks” by David Dalglish
so i thought… looks interesting… they are suggesting alogn side Brent weeks so maybe i’ll be different but good.
well it had it’s good bits.
but it had some major problems in my eyes.
We start our story with a prolog stating the guild master of the Spider guild has been defeated, his son is also tryin to overthrow him but Aaron his other son kills his bother… then we get thrown from a nobleman's daughter getting thrown in a dungeon by her own daddy and half tortured to death to a teacher for the murderous little boy… to that boy escaped and being helped by a girl who's a spy… to these cloaked woman who help the daughter get out of the dungeon to *gasps for air*
ok so this book is all over the place… normally i don;t mind that as long as the main focus is on the main character… who in my eyes is Aaron… not the guild master theron… infact Theron is the buy guy in my opinion… yet i think we spend the most time with him and the least time with his son.
it written fairly well and it is suspenseful…. however there is a lot of sex/murder/rape…. in fact one point someone killed someone else and tried going at it with the corpse and all i can think is “really…. again?” I personally hate rape in books and this book brought it too a whole new level. i get that it’s supposed to make you feel uncomfortable but these are no name characters doing horrible deeds that do not affect the plot one single iota.
and it’s sad cause i want to know Aaron’s story but i don’t know if i’ll read any of the other books in the series… i only finished this one cause it was short and i had already bought it….
i hate feeling this way about a book, i know the author worked his ass off and overall it was good it’s just there are some things that are deal breakers for me and that is one of them…
now i’m all sad…

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