Sunday, 5 February 2012

Completed: Professor Layton and the Curious Village

Originally posted May 19 2011 on tumblr

I feel like i earned this one… so yeah it’s a puzzle game from 2007. it’s got great music, interesting design and most importantly…. challenging puzzles… yes some are simple as long as you read the instructions and use logic but others will have you ripping your hair our in frustration while you hold back tears….
wait i’m the only one who felt that way about the last puzzle? hmmmm….
but yeah my only gripe is length…. 135 puzzles will last you a little while…. but i mean i beat it within three days of picking it up and i had two fairly busy days.
also i am sad… see i got the game used so i have a save file already on it which says nice and clear.
Greg - 11 hours 135/135 puzzles completed.
i tried desperately to beat this time… how did i do? 15 hours >< my competitive nature is crying
oh well lots of fun, i am looking forward to finding the second and third game but i think a day or two away from puzzles will be good for me…. i’ll be hearing the tune that’s played during puzzles in my dreams for weeks
i do kinda wish that there were more 3x3 or 4x4 slider puzzles…. thanks to avalon code i’m really good at those now (it’s about 50% of the game… if you want the good items) … oh well maybe in the next two. (four if they bring out the latest release and the crossover with ace attorney game)
maybe i should finish persona 4 or luminous arc two next…. hmmm….

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