Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Completed: Cowboy Bebop

Originally posted June 5, 2011 on tumblr

Seriously? the show is from 1998 and i’ve just completed it now?
Well long story short when it first came out i was still only watching anime on TV as i was young and didn’t realize the world of anime was bigger then Sailor moon, Pokemon and cardcaptors.
so in about 2007 or 8 (i can’t remember which… Within a year of Geneon going down) i bought the remix box set of cowboy bebop because I had always heard how great cowboy bebop was and i had seen the movie in 2003 and loved it. Also i had just finished watching Trigun, another popular anime from the same year.
Normally I tend to lean towards girly or slice of life shows but i always wanted to see the show that the movie connected to. So i started watching it with a friend…. then my friendship faded away and i forgot about bebop for a few…. well years.
Fast forward to now. I look at the box set and tell myself i really need to just finish it… but i couldn’t remember how far i had gotten…. so i re-watched the whole thing. (turns out i had just finished disk 5 when i stopped all those years ago but still glad i re-watched it)
So yeah everything i’m about to say is opinion, i know the show is considered a classic… but even classics are allowed to have flaws.
Overall i liked it, the music is great, the characters are so interesting and the animation is pretty intense…. especially during fight scenes.
It did feel like a lot of filler, i was more interested in the Julia/Vicious arc and Faye’s past but both things don’t get more then 4 eps each… Ed… one of the more interesting characters gets pushed off to the side and what happens with her near the end kinda came out of nowhere for me. Jet did get some good character development but his arc wasn’t as interesting in my opinion… plus it really only gets 1 ep….
Also it leaves a lot of things unexplained…. now i know that’s kinda the point since there can be debates over what happens… especially at the end… but it left me more confused…. the movie came out in 2001… three years after the show ended the time frame of 2071 matches for both…. does the movie take place during or after the show? is it even related to the show at all…. maybe if i re-watch it it’ll make more sense? somehow i doubt that…
alas i digress. Again i did like it… not love but still…. i keep comparing it to the series i mentioned Trigun…. Now i could be biased towards trigun because….
a) i saw trigun first and it cost me much less over all to get the whole season… thank you geneon
b) Yes it does have things that take place in space…. but i seem to recall not as much…. and i have this weird fear of space… so there was a lot of me cringing while watching bebop…. cringing doesn’t make for good viewing experience…
Still even though i think some people hype it a bit too much… i think people should see it and make their own opinion… i have some friends who love it and some who hate it… Make sure to check out the movie if you can… it’s really really cool…. from what i remember anyways… i haven’t seen it in years
Anyways i think the most cliche way to end this is pretty obvious…
See You Space Cowboy

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