Saturday, 25 February 2012

Completed: Expectations (Ghost Targets #2) by Aaron Pogue

Originally posted September 24, 2011on tumblr

it’s just not fair…. how can such a good author have so few books out.
so this is the follow up to Gods Tomorrow, a sci-fi novel that essentially asks the question what happens if smart phones go on crack and do EVERYTHING and the world is monitored by cameras covering every inch of the world.

Now that sounds quite big brother and when i first picked up this series that’s what i was expecting… and it has those elements… but it’s not quite so malicious. In the first book we dealt with the fact that people were dropping off the grid and committing crimes in ways the computer couldn’t detect and special FBI agents known as Ghost trackers were set to figure these crimes out.

This one follows up with Agent Katie Pratt, having just recovered from her adventure in the previous story she heads back to work to find out her department is under an investigation. During all this another case drops on them, the doctor who has found the cure for aging has fallen into a coma and some people think it’s foul play.

Story wise i personally liked the first one a bit better, it set up Katie’s character really well and she was the main focus, the ending was a bit less predictable and i really enjoyed a certain character that seems to be more trouble then he’s worth who’s role is a bit more pushed to the side in this one.

Still this case was great, seeing how clever/brave/reckless Katie can be is very exciting and some of the twists completely took me off guard. Also loved the fact that Reed got a bigger role…. even though he’s underused in the first one i really enjoyed his chemistry and this adds to that quite a lot…. so yeah… another good book… hope Mr Aaron Pogue is a fast writer because waiting for the next installment in the Dragon Prince Series (december 2011) and book two of the light bringer Trilogy (september 2012 *sobs*) may be the end of me…. great book… great series.

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