Friday, 23 March 2012

Mungyo Soft Pastel

It's not uncommon for things like pencil crayons or paints to have a statement about themselves somewhere on their packaging...

but this one.... it's just so amusing!

First of all it's on the inside of the packaging so it's not like it's there to make you want to buy the product more.... hell the only reason i did buy i was because it was fairly cheap and even though the sticks were pretty small it came in a lot of colours... so when i did open it up i kind of just burst out laughing.


MUNGYO soft pastels, made from the finest and softest materials available, are smooth touch and responsiveness, and proper art Materials for embodiment of Brilliant & clear perspective.

As Artists themselves take the pastel sticks in their fingers during application, they are able to feel the delight their own delicate feelings reflected to works directly throughout their fingers.

The printing and drawings with MUNGYO soft pastels remain without any discolouration forever due to priority of highest degree of lightness

MUNGYO soft pastels are very extensive range of colors As a result, no need to mix the colors and typical sense of pastel colors can be materialized easily. Moreover ,Pastels can be used together with other art materials and by rubbing pastel colors into one another, amazing color nuances are created.

ok i will say these seem to be Korean so yeah it's a bit low to be poking fun of the Engrish but  i'm not trying to be mean... it just amuses me more then it probably should and i really wanted to share it.

okay now i better go reflect the delicate feelings of my work through my fingers....


  1. They are very good but still, what do I draw with them I can't find anything!

    1. hm... i just used them for some class still life pieces and one self portrait... i just find pastels are way too messy in the end lol. Still i hope you figure out what you want to use them on.