Friday, 2 March 2012

holy crap amazon has FAST service

I own a kindle, i love it, it has allowed me to find a handful of new authors whom i adore.... yesterday (march 1) crunchyroll posted that Kodokawa Japan has agreed to start putting things like manga and light novels on the Kindle... in japan at least.

still if one country does it there is a chance that it'll happen in North America right? so i thought since The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is one of my favorite shows AND it started as a light novel that maybe the light novel was on the kindle....

and it was.... well kinda
Vol 7 was available to preorder.
that's great and all but i kinda wanna read 1-6 before jumping in. So i took a look around....
my options were simple.... order 1-6 hardcover at 50+30 shipping from amazon .com OR pay 50 with free shipping paperback from amazon . ca
i went with the cheaper option cause... well i'm cheap...

i did this around 8 last night (still march 1st)

about 12 today.... it arrives..... i didn't order speedy shipping... i am really impressed and very very very happy...
so now i have 8 books to read (1 by aaron pogue, the 6 haruhi books and the count of monte cristo cause i like long books.)

alright.... i should finish homework now.... reading week is almost over

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