Sunday, 4 March 2012

Completed: The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya

After reading a chapter of this one i had to double check that i was reading these in the correct order.
why? because Kyon starts off saying he has been through so much in the past 6 months including being on a remote island... which i knew was a chapter in the next book.

oh god this series has messed up chronology as well...
to date there are 4 orders for the show, 2 of them canon (well i guess it could be considered 3....)
those orders?

Original TV release order (i call it Kyon order... some call Haruhi oder) this is where in the next episode preview Kyon starts talking about the next episode with will air.... but that's not the next episode chronologically... so Haruhi jumps in and states where that episode actually is in the order.
ex. end of episode 1 Haruhi pops in and says "next time in the menlancholy of haruhi suzumiya episode one!" while Kyon interjects with "wrong.... next one haruhi suzimiya episode two"

the second order is pretty obvious, chronological order (this is the one i call Haruhi order), this is if you did it in the order Haruhi states.

third order is the only one i consider not really canon is the DVD order (i call it Yuki order only cause she does the narration for the DVD next episode preview) and the only difference between it and Haruhi order is that episode 11 is in the episode 11 spot.... not episode 1.
the only episode that all three orders have in the same place is episode 12 "live alive"

that was until season two came around and change things...
see Season twos episodes all take place within the chronological timeline of season 1. making a 4th order that this show can be watched in.... and i have a feeling if they ever do a season 3? one or two chapters may be put in chronologically into season 1/2's time line.

long story short the time line is complicated as all hell.

now why explain that? what does that have to do with sigh?

very little i just wanted to get it off my chest... also my fav order is Kyon order.... and i'm not being biased cause Kyon is my fav character.. it just kinda supports some theories i have about the direction the show could take.... if they ever make more.... but I've rambled long enough and that is a discussion for later in the book reviews.

okay Sigh is about Haruhi and her SOS brigade (the club she made thanks to kyons suggestion) making a film for the culture festival.
it was my fav arc (so far) in the show and is the last arc of season two but happens just before the end of season 1....

why do i love this arc?

a) i've made a few short movies when i was a kid and i kinda got to relive the crazy things that happen as i read... granted i never threw anyone in a pond or had laser beams shoot out of their eyes but it still was a look back for me at my childhood.

b) we get some growth from Kyon, he is still traumatized from the end of Melancholy and has decided to let her get away with damn near murder because he didn't want to end up like he did 6 months ago. Unfortunately that doesn't last long and as Haruhi keeps pushing his buttons he does eventually snap... it's the first time we've seen him act out in any way and yeah he pays the price for it.... you don't nearly punch a girl with godlike/time warp/point of evolution powers and get away Scott free (even if i'm one of the people who thinks Kyon is the one who gave Haruhi those powers to begin with.... no focus i said i wouldn't discuss that now)

c) Ponytail~ it's just so cute and sad....

d) the resolution, makes me laugh every time.

so yeah if you like the show, the book is really good, you get even more snark from Kyon and a bit more insight into the situation he's been thrust in and possibly what being "chosen by Suzumiya" actually means. it also deal with the fact that just cause they are friends on the surface, the aline, time traveler and Esper may have deeper and darker reasons for their actions then we originally thought.

so next is Boredom which takes place between 1&2... i am glad it doesn't contain endless 8.... that's not till vol 5 apparently and i need some time to prepare myself for it.

almost forgot a new pic of kyon....

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