Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Completed: Kiki’s Delivery Service

Originally published December 2, 2011 on tumblr

quick backstory…
 when i was a child i didn’t know that Anime and Cartoons were two completely different things…. i just knew i liked one over the other. i preferred Sailor moon to Loony toons and Pokemon to rugrats… dragon ball over ninja turtles…. it was just my personal taste.

that being said i didn’t see many anime movies till i was much older…. i didn’t know about studio ghibli til spirited away was done by disney.

so i saw it, liked it and then was shown Pincess mononoke…. which i adore… to this day my fav studio ghibli film… but still there are many i have yet to see.

Today our painting class was canceled giving us a 4 hour break from Web design to photography…. so we looked through movies to watch while we waited. Kiki’s delivery service was one of the options and my friends reminisced about how it was part of their childhood….. then i coem out wiht the fact i have never seen it.

so yeah we watched it and it was pretty cute…. still princess mononoke is my favorite but overall it was a good time… yes i was quipping with my friends the entire time but still despite some of the goofy moments i really did think it was a cute film and i am glad i saw it…

now i just need to see porko rosso, totoro, the cat returns whisper of the heart and i think a few more before i’ve seen them all…

and of course arriety but it hasn’t hit theaters yet… gotta wait till feb 17th….
alright back to listening to princess mononoke…. cause seriously the soundtrack is amazing

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