Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Completed: The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiy (novel)

3 new Completed in one day.... i would post this tomorrow if i didn't have 9 hours of class..... or plan to just plow through the next one.

a) it's not my fault the books are short and an extremely quick read.
b) . . . um.... well i have no other excuse i should have been doing more homework but i wasn't feeling 100% so i went with reading. hey it all worked out in the end i got everything done....ish

hm.... Anyways.
This book focuses on the idea of what would happen if there were no Aliens, Time travelers, Esperboys, Sliders or time warp/point of evolution/potential gods.
what if they all were just normal people?

If i had to pick between Sigh and This as my (current) fav.... this would win... yes i love sigh cause of the making a movie aspect..... but i love this cause oh one line.
and it's a similar line that was used in the last one.
"I am John Smith"
It's hard to imagine that one line could make me like an entire book more then other books in the series... but it does... i guess i'm odd like that.

but it does cement the argument that his name isn't john smith.... since he does (apparently) tell her his REAL name after and she still calls him John... cause apparently Kyon sounds silly. maybe you could just say his real name.... if he really has one or does he just think he's giving people his real name... maybe it doesn't exist?... i mean.... we see this all from his head......

Also a LOT of character development for Yuki and it was nice to see.... a lot more explanation of the world around them(it only took 4 books, 2 seasons of Anime and a movie) and a nice throwback to previous chapters/character/storylines AND it shows us something that we know has to happen but Kyon doesn't wanna do it right now so we are stuck waiting....

i only have two more of these and then i catch up till july.... I hate waiting.... but i don't think i'll be reading these any slower...

Also.... gotta love the Ponytail

also this is the last one of the day.... thats a promise :P
well.... maybe...

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