Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Completed: Camouflage (Ghost Targets #4) By Aaron Pogue

This is  the 4th book in his ghost targets Sci-fi series.

and i learned the only thing that can stop me from reading a novel (by any author apparently) are the Haruhi suzumiya books... who knew?

Alright, we continue our adventures with Katie Pratt as she fights to help catch criminals that are able to hide from the watchful gaze of Hathor (the omnipresent network that allows to to access everything you can think of from a handheld, an ear piece and a watch... like if Ipads went on crack).

thought this one takes a different approach.... for the most part it's more a failure of the system instead of someone ghosting themselves from the system... also it starts showing how desperate people can get for privacy... as well as how dependent people are on technology...

now i did like this one but much like volume two... it feels like it's more of a set up novel.... like it's themes were interesting but only a portion of it will effect the overarching plot. It's not a bad thing.... just an observation.

Also.... Eddie.... yeah i didn't care much about him at all.... i thought he could be interesting but then something happened and i felt like it needed to happen at that point... but the fact that it happened then made me care even less about him... however again it's probably setting up things for the next novels.

However i still really enjoyed it, i'm not sure when his next books are coming out... hopefully soon (but not too soon... i have the year end gallery show to worry about.) but i'll be excited when they are done.

If you own a Kindle, go check out his books, they range from .99 cents to just under 5 bucks... worth every penny.

if you don't have a kindle i think he sells paper back versions of his novels through amazon.

so yeah.... unless something else looks interesting it's back to reading the count of monte cristo. 

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