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Completed: Peach Girl

Originally Publushed December 24, 2011 on tumblr

this is my second time watching the show…. and i used to like it…. but this time…. i actually got little annoyed

first there is a little controversy with some of the art relating to the show… unfortunately i can’t find the link but there are issues of stocks being used and if they were paid for or not…. but i can’t find the link so i can’t be sure if it was this series or her next project pappillon so i wont discuss it further.
the plot in a nutshell? Main girl Momo has been in love with middle school friend Toji but she was told he doesn’t like tan girls… and she was on the swim team and has a lot of melanin and therefor has enough of a tan where people think she’s a Gal. So she has told herself she will confess once she’s paler then him….

but that’s not complicated enough is it…. okay…. her ‘best friend’ Sae is a major copycat…. copies everything momo plans to do… but she does it in a way where she looks like the one with all the taste…. plus she’s small and pale and very cute… for some reason momo continues to deal with her even when Sae blatantly asks who Momo likes…. and after she points to the local in their year Hottie, named Kairi, Sae saunters up to him and tries to confess…. not even missing a beat or going behind momo’s back. so we see why Sae can’t know that Toji is who she really likes.
again though…. this is shoujo…. not complicated enough.

after Sae is rejected by Kairi rumors are spread about Momo kissing Kairi… this boy apparently has the standard crazy japanese fan club that beats up other girls that threaten their position…. that we see in so much shoujo… anyways they go to beat momo up and Kairi comes in to…. sit down and watch the cat-fight. This, rightfully, pissed Momo off and she rushes over and punches him…. he laughs and the fan girls run away cause it seems a girl who swam every day is actually pretty strong.
So momo is pissed about this rumor, she thinks her love will never think about her now since she is the school slut and she didn’t even do anything.

kairi has a plan to fix everything though… the rumor is that they kissed? well the way to fix it is obviously to make it true so he grabs her and kisses her.

oh we are so close….. but the setup is’t perfect yet…. oh i know

Toji overhears Momo and Kairi talking about how Momo likes Toji but he doesn’t like tan girls…. later of course he goes up to her and mentions that he doesn’t care if she’s tan he likes her anyways… and they start dating.

and that concludes the first episode.

i’m not kidding…. that's the set up….

this get more complex as the two date, Sae finds out and does everything in her power to break them up…. up to and including nearly getting momo raped (nothing happens) and blackmailing her boyfriend into dumping her and then making him date her even though he hates her. so momo starts goign out with Kairi who she built a friendship with over time…. Kairi sees through all sae’s lies and seems to keep her away so that works…. then they start goign out….. but oh no Kairi actually is still in love with his first love…. but he loves momo too but he can’t decide…. so he goes on a spirit journey thing to discover himself….

momo gives him a deadline and sais she’ll wait 5 mins…. does to shit happening to his family he can’t…. she thinks it measn he doesn’t love her….. but no he followed her thought a typhoon on foot… but she needed up going away with toji who is no longer being blackmailed because sae found her true love in kairi’s older brother who is an asshole…. so kairi gives up…. then he doesn’t…. then she’s forced to pick and oh no who should she choose? the boy who protected her without her knowing or the one who….. who…. um…. well i guess kairi makes her laugh and happy…we’ll go with that.

so yeah….. this series gets unnecessarily complex.  but normally i like that stupid ocmplex bullshit in shoujo…. it’s half the fun.

but this being my second run through…. i realized i hate all the characters.
Momo is really a bitch who flip flops between two really amazing guys and seems to always worry more about how she feels then how her indecisiveness makes them feel…. also she’s rash… in one scene where Toji is not believing Momo and instead is listening to Sae’s lies she goes to his hospital window (cause he got appendicitis) which is three floors up and threatens to not come back in unless he listens to her.

Look sweety…. if your boyfriend is taking your friends words over your own…. either try to explain the situation calmly OR dump him… no need for nearly falling out a window.


Toji. he is so perfect it’s sickening. this guy can do no wrong…. he doesn’t pressure her into sex even though they have the house to themselves. he buys her the best birthday present, he is good at school and sports, he stands up for everyone and he is just perfect in every way…. and even when he is breakign up with momo in the meanest way possible he still cries cause he is sadface…. he’s just too damn perfect that he has no personality….. yes he tries to force himself on momo a bit more near the end but she’s being a bitch and he’s worried about how indecisive she is…. but that's the only time we see him not be perfect….


Kairi…. well at least he goes through a character arc…. and he has more of a character then Toji but i don’t get why he doesn’t just say “pick me, i walked through a typhoon for you”…. dramatic tension i guess….


Sae…. why would anyone be friends with her? they do deal with that question but still she is terrible….. still she also goes through a character arc. so i have to give her credit there…. hell she may even be one of the best characters.

but yeah…. mom is just terrible and as a main character she never really has to work for anything… except when she changes herself to better suit the guy in the start of the story…. i mean she gives up swimming which she loves just so she wont tan….. argh

so yeah…. used to like this series and it still has it’s cute moments but damn it’s annoying.

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