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Completed: The Kinshield Legacy (The Kinshield Saga Book 1)

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wow that’s a mouthful.
Anyways I officially love my kindle because i have found so many new authors that i love and probably wouldn’t have found otherwise.

This ‘Saga’ (Why only two books… don’t want it to end…) Was written By K.C. May who, according to her about the author page, has tried a million and one cool things and has decided to become a full time writer.

So yeah… Thank you very much for making this decision.

Onto review!
So we Start off with Gavin Kinshield in a cave fun of bats. The last place he wants to be is in that cave… it’s been calling to him all his life. However he seems to know that if he lets it continue it’ll drive him to madness. He closes his eyes, says a single word and a Gem falls from a Mystic tablet that had been placed in the cave a few hundred years prior.

With that simple action… Gavin knew that he was destined to be king.
SO yeah…. i love this premise, i love the short Chapter which are great for my daily bus rides… i love how the story is extremely character driven…. Hell i even love the fact that we spend a lot of time with the main villain… you don’t see that often since you want to be in the dark but it just adds to the tension.

The book isn’t perfect though… for such a character driven story i felt some characters were pushed to the side… specifically Arlet and the twins who were mentioned in the first few chapters…. then never see again… kinda hoping to see them in book 2 since any action no matter how small should further the plot.

but yeah… good pacing, good story, great characters… can’t wait to read book two and the novella she has for free on her website
she also wrote a sci-fi series (or perhaps it’s just one book, haven’t looked into it) called The Venom of Vipers………. i wont be reading it, i’m sure it’s really good….but it deals with plagues and yes the characters trying to save people but really? i can’t do it…. so i’ll chicken out.

If you like fantasy and your looking for a new author to enjoy, Give K.C. May a try

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