Saturday, 3 March 2012

Completed: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya... again

This time i'm talking about the Light novel.... the thing that started it all.

Now i'll explain i have never liked any of the light novels i have read... they tend to be pretty much pure fluff, inconsequential to the plot or just a retelling in novel form... they also tend to be short.

However in Melancholy's case it came before it's anime/manga counterpart so it's not a retelling of the show but more the basis for one of my favorite shows.

It is in first person, we see/hear/interpret everything that's going on through the eyes of Kyon, The snarky dissatisfied youth who used to be obsessed with all things super natural but upon growing up finally came to terms with the fact that these things can't possibly exist.

we start with his first day of his high school career. everything is normal until the beautiful girl who sits behind Kyon introduces herself.
"i'm Haruhi Suzumiya, if any of you are Aliens, Espers, Time Travelers or sliders come join me... that is all"
to say the least the class is dumbfounded by this and the girl and her oddities become legend.... and for some reason Kyon feels compelled to talk to her... she does sit behind him after all.

after a few failed attempts Kyon finally manages to hold a conversation with her when he observes that she changes her hair every day... wondering if it has to do with the Aliens. This is the catalyst that starts it all. Eventually he gives her the idea to start a club full of odd people and mascots in the hopes of finding said aliens, espers and time travelers.

what she doesn't realize is that she has in fact gathered all three things in one room.... that she is infact some kind of powerful being that can rewrite the world and Kyon is just a normal ordinary human who for the most part is along for the ride because he has been "chosen by Suzumiya"

This series is 11 books long, i own 6 and 7 is coming out in June so i'll be doing a few of these in close succession....

this book is represented as the first six episodes of the show in chronological order and the show does an EXCELLENT job of staying faithful to the book. even some things i noticed as i read were in the show.... when scenery that is seemingly unimportant was being described i could see how they translated it into the show.... but i liked the book more.... probably cause it has more of Kyon's snark.

so yeah The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya is next which i believe covers them making the movie/culture festival.... that probably means it covers endless eight as well but seeing as it's a short book it probably wont be as painful as watching the same episode 8 times.... anyways after disappearance (book 4) these reviews will probably get long since that's as far (from what i can tell) and the anime has come so far.

if you haven't watched the show/read the book/read the manga i would recommend it... it isn't for everyone and can get a little goofy at times but it's so much fun and i just adore it.... plus kyon is just so cute....

yeah i have.... quite a few figures of him.... guess we'll go into that topic another time....

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