Friday, 30 March 2012

Completed: Le Portrait de Petit Cossette

Originally published January 24, 2012 on tumblr


Yeah…. i don’t really know where to start.

Um…. ok… so it’s about a boy named Eiri who can see a girl in these glasses he acquired…. then he sees her and somehow makes a blood pact with her…

and then he turns into a demon… and…. yeah that's about the time when i got lost…

but that's not really what the story is about…. it’s really about this Arist Marchello who would paint the young Cossette… one day in a state of madness he murders her and her entire family… her possessions witness this and get mad and vow revenge on Marchello’s soul.

then again…. i’m not sure if that's what this show is about… hm…. okay i got this
This show is about being as artsy in 3 episodes as humanly possible.

yeah that pretty much sums it up.

so yeah if you hadn’t gathered yet…. i didn’t really like it…. now it’s not bad… it’s just not something i enjoy… it reminds me a lot of the story Lolita which creeps me out… when marchello is cornering cossette and saying things like “why do you insist on getting older?” yeah…. that’s horrifying… to many people i could see that being the moment where people really enjoy the show… i just found it way too creepy.

which the anime is pretty decent i really hate that faux realism some anime tries to accomplish… and the eyes just look so dead… and yeah that’s kind of the point but just cause something is meant to be that way doesn’t mean i have to like it. Also the whole show seems to be drawn at a dutch angle or from angles where we can see up the characters nose… i personally don’t like when those angles are used to a point where you can notice how much they are being used…

also the story made no sense…. i can’t even begin to describe the last episode… yeah tons of symbolism but i didn’t care enough and it all just felt forced…

music was pretty interesting though.

i have known about this series for a long time thanks to the music, my friend played it once in the car… and he did say i probably would like the show… now i understand why…

but yeah it’s not Bad… it’s not bad at all… i just don’t like those kind of stories.

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