Thursday, 29 March 2012

Completed: Inu x Boku SS

Like i said... Everything is ending this week.

So.... Inu x Boku SS (said Inu Boku Secret service.... yeah the x is silent... no i don't know why... )

Um.... hm... well i'd call this a Romantic comedy with supernatural elements.

The main character, Ririchiyo, is a kind hearted person.... who can only communicate in cold sarcastic tones... she's in a constant war with herself trying to say what she means without being a bitch and failing damn near every time.
Enter Miketsukami, he is apparently her body guard and he dotes on her... no matter how cold she is or ow mean he always continues to smile.

oh and did i mention that they are all reborn ancient spirits of Japanese Demons? yeah...

anyways it's a 12 episode series that pretty much only focuses on ririchiyo opening up slowly. we find out more about everyone's past and how this ancestor blood has been more of a curse then anything else.

um.... i will say that i felt like the whole "we are reborn demons" thing could have been used more.... i think the main characters only change into that form a handful of times... it just felt like "well we need a gimmick so.... lets do that then barely ever mention it"

that doesn't mean the show is bad, i really liked it... it was just not as well done as i think it could have been....

also.... love Ririchiyo's 'fiancee'.... dude says everything is either a S or M to the point where his ending song categorizes everyone for you.... it's so funny.

and yeah... there are quite a few different ending songs depending on which character was the main focus.... i personally love Miketsukami's and the intro song... which is used used as an ending a few times...

but yeah.... the entire season is on Crunchyroll and i believe it's being aired weekly on Anime Network on demand.

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