Sunday, 4 March 2012

Completed: harry potter 7 pt 1

Originally published October 9, 2011 on tumblr

yes… i only just saw this yesterday…. i knew i didn’t want to see this in theater if only for the fact that i hate waiting for split movies.

But honestly… and i said this before the film was even out…. Why is it split in two parts?
Seriously…. yes the book is long… but cut out half the moping about not finding horcruxes and shorten some segments et voila! shorter movie

Granted i do think it could easily be a 3 hour film all in… but no… part 1 by itself is 2 and a half hours… holy shit that is really long for a part of the book that didn’t have a major climax…. yes it does have a climax but in odd places…. as well as the cliffhanger wasn’t…. cliffhanger-y enough.

so yeah… pacing was extremely off and the payoff wasn’t there…. cause all the payoff is in the second half of the book. so yeah… i hope the second part is better but i worry that it’ll be pure action since thast the main focus of the second half of any book.

But honestly i do understand Why it’s so long… there a lot of things to get across and a lot of characters to kill… but still it got painful near the end…. i just wanted it to finish so i could go to bed or do anything else… granted that animated segment was really nicely done…. best part of the movie….
which when you think about it…. is kinda sad…

Maybe i’m just annoyed at the whole Ginny x Harry which i never agreed with…. sorry just can’t see it…. so yeah… didn’t hate the first part but dear god please let part two have better pacing. wont find out till it’s on the movie network…. which should be in another month or two…

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