Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Completed: Akira

Originally published January 15, 2012 on tumblr

okay…. i know it’s damn near blasphemy to be a fan of Anime and yet never having seen this film.
but i have known about it since i was a kid, my dad even has a figure of the iconic red bike. We never owned it VHS and if we did it probably got ruined over the years…. anyways he didn’t see the need to own it on dvd… he had seen it…

but i hadn’t.

so about a year after geneon went out of business i was at a con and they were selling Akira really cheap…. like 5 or 10 dollars. so i said “you know what…. it’s iconic and i want to see it and if that means buying it then fine… gladly”

so i did… and brought it home and dad went “oh cool, let me borrow this… “

so for many years it sat in the computer room where dad had watched it…. and i forgot about it cause i don’t go down there if i don't have to… i have a comp in my room so there is no need.

anyways he did recently give it back…. but i was swamped with classes so once again it got put in the “need to watch/read” pile where it stayed.

Now…. last week was my first week back from break, my web images class told us we needed to watch a movie from a list of 5….

after picking a group an the movie inception (i swear this IS relevant) we decided why not come to my place… watch it AND watch black swan which i hadn’t seen and neither had another group member… seeing as my boyfriend hadn’t seen it either we invited him as well and had essentially a movie marathon…. started with black swan… then right into inception.

then at the end of inception when they are limbo my boyfriend states. “ah this scene is right out of Akira with the water and the crumbling buildings… i just love the look” he probably mentioned it cause we commented how the earlier gravity defying hallway reminds us of a scene in Paprika…

anyways that reminded me that i still owned that damn movie and still hadn’t seen it…

well i was done putting it off… and my group member whom is also my friend hadn’t seen it either… so when my BF had to leave she stayed and we watched it.

(see…. told you the tangent was relevant)

so after all that… what did i think?

two things

wow…. that was really good, everything was really engaging… okay i really didn’t like the music but it worked so not too many complaints.


omg jonny young bosche is in everything…

well not everything but the version of akira i have has him as the main character… and then i put in gankutsuou…. where he plays Albert… so off to imdb we went… and yeah…. he’s done a lot… mostly main characters on top of all that… easily impressive.

so yeah…. go watch it…. even considering how old it is… the animation is gorgeous… simply amazing.

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