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Completed: The Wavering of Haruhi Suzumiya

the sixth book in the series.... also it's the mark of my catching up with the novel releases... the next one is in June or July.... so far away.... *sighs*

another compilation of short stories.... and one again it adds a tiny bit more confusion to the time line...

The order so far is.
1 chapter of Rampage
1st and 2nd chapter of Wavering... but not necessarily in order... since the second chapter can happen at any time in this chunk of time.
2nd chapter of Rampage

3rd chapter of wavering
last chapter of rampage
4th and 5th chapter of wavering (i am splitting these up cause there is still room in the middle potentially)

and i think that's not even completely correct... but it's the most simple way to put it.... okay...

Live Alive
In an earlier explanation of the time line the episode that shares this title was always in the same spot no matter what timeline you watched it in...
that has nothing to do with anything but i thought i should mention it.

Um this deals with the day of the culture festival that they shot the movie for, Kyon goes around to the stands and after trying to find a place to relax he goes to a concert hall and gets a surprise.

fav part(s)? Haruhi's reaction to after the situation... seeing that shyer side of her is nice. Also the wind blowing the grass back in her face.... you think someone who could warp the world wouldn't have allowed it to happen.... *files it away for more evidence*

The Adventures of Mikuru Asahina Episode 00
This is the actual result of the short film, it's narrated by kyon as he tried to fill the plot holes and doesn't have any haruhi except off screen directions... it's fun and it's the first aired episode of the anime which actually put me off of the show at first... i am glad i persisted.

fav part? the rage he throws at Itsuki through the narration.... it really shows how much he dislikes the 'esper' boy

Love at First Sight
another Yuki focused chapter and it's new content, Kyon gets a call out of the blue from someone from his middle school saying he's fallen in love, no not with Kyon but a girl that kyon was with one day in may... she had short hair and glasses...
oh this can only end well

fav part? hm.... although i'm indifferent about this chapter since the ending was a little...well... hmm... granted the last line... *whimper*... anyways there is a scene with a HUGE misunderstanding and watching Haruhi freak out like that way a joy.

Where did the Cat go?
This takes place the day after Snowy Mountain syndrome, Itsuki had planned another murder mystery for the SOS brigade... but this time they all are in on the joke and there is a prize to the first person to figure out the 'murderer'.
Maybe i've been playing too much ace attorney but it's pretty easy to tell who the murderer is within a few pages.  but still the explanation is fun.
Also i love the fact that we are seeing Itsuki break down a little... he's getting tired of being the permanent nice guy but since it's how Haruhi sees him he has to keep up the act.... or does it.... it's slowly chipping away and i love it

Fav part? again the chapter is goof but not the most interesting ones but i do like seeing more of Itsuki come through and seeing Haruhi have normal fun.

The Melancholy of Mikuru Asahina
Mikuru asks Kyon for a favor but she's been acting odd all day... she promises it wont involve going back in time but then why does she seem so on edge? so they go to pick up tea and go for a walk and they have a fateful encounter and Mikuru begins to wonder why her superiors refuse to tell her anything.

Fav part? um... i really liked this chapter but the ending... that was my most favorite thing to happen so far.... those last few pages made me laugh so hard i had to shut myself up so i wouldn't freak out my family.
if he stays true to his word and the next book is the aftermath of those two pages.... i will be so happy and it'll bump disappearance from my fav chapter so far spot.... it was really good.

but alas... this mean i wont be reviewing another one of these books for a few months.... why did i have to end on such a cliff hanger... still this is as good a time as any to mention my theory~

from here on i may spoil so things, consider this your only warning

There are a few theories floating around about who actually holds the power in this show... now the series has been completed in japan (as far as i know) so i may or may not be right or wrong.... but it doesn't matter...  this is just what i have thought since i first saw the show 3 years ago... and apparently i'm not the only one.

Some people think that it's haruhi that holds all the power... since thats what the show constantly beats into you... keep her entertained and make her have a good time... and thats fine.... like i said i don't think this is wrong i would just be sad if this was the case.

Other Think Yuki is the one who has all the power.... well yeah technically she does.... out of all of the members of the SOS brigde she is the most poweful only cause she knows what her powers are.... but i don't think she's actually the one with all the power because she never does anything without permission from Kyon... why take orders from a human who is seemingly normal....

ah but that's the crux of it all isn't it...

So.... I personally believe that Kyon holds all the power.... but how is that possible... the entire show is based on the fact that he's a normal guy chosen by Suzumiya.... and i think that Yeah... in his current state he is a normal guy.... i just also happen to think that he winded up giving haruhi her power somehow.... so yeah he's technically powerless.... but he's the reason she has power....

why do i think this?
1. the whole thing claims to be about keepign haruhi bored.... yet many of the more crazy incidents haruhi stops being interested right before it gets good.... but they always ask kyon to stick around... even though if he's just a normal human he really has no power to do anything.

2. and as i mentioned before, Yuki who is an interface for the data overmind always looks to him for silent permission on damn near every action. despite her being the most powerful one in the group.

3. Itsuki alludes to the fact that he has a theory that Haruhi is not in fact a god but as i stated was granted her godlike powers through someone else.... he also seems to work harder to make sure Kyon is amused instead of Haruhi... despite the fact that kyon really doesn't like Itsuki.

4. many of the crazy things that happen aren't set in motion till Kyon things about it. Take the Mikuru Beam for example.... Haruhi hands Mikuru a colour contact and says "it's special but it's a secret" at first this does nothing.... until later she states "shoot you mikuru beam like this" this is when Kyon states "she can't shoot beams out of her eyes" but he thinks to himself 'can you?' while looking at mikuru.... then this time when she blinks... she actually fires a laser.... now the gap between haruhi sayign she can use the beam and kyon thinking about it is a bit longer then i stated and nothing happened there but yeah.... kyon thinks it's crazy for the pigeon to turn to doves this time of year and then they do...

5. Kyon doesn't have a name..... Kyon is a nickname given by his aunt and spread around by his little sister.... who also doesn't have a name... so far all we know about Kyons name is that it's hard to say... so he goes by Kyon..... which sounds surprisingly similar to John.... hmmm John smith you say.... maybe that is his real name.... alas the book kind of refutes it but i would have loved it to be true.... also we never (at least so far) know his birthday.... so no name and no date of birth.... a stretch but still a point in the argument.

6. Now.... i haven't met this character but i know of her existence... two characters by this point have alluded to the fact that Kyon has always liked strange girls.... and how the girl he dated in middle school was really weird. He claims he never dated her but they were friends....
why bring up the fact that he likes strange girls as an argument for why he holds the power? Apparently this girl has/had Haruhi like powers as well.... potentially even stronger and she seemed to know about it. Why would two girls who have never met have similar abilities.... especially such world changing ones? again i don't know the full story cause i haven't gotten to it yet but i'll still sue what little info i do have as a point.

7. Every time the world has changed.... He has been the one to change it back.... in fact most of the time the others don't even help.
the first time it was telling Haruhi about ponytails and the kiss....
the second time gets a little more complicated but he's the one who did what needed doing even if it wasn't him.... ugh i'll get to that point in the story soon i hope... the third time when it wasn't a member of the SOS brigade who changed the world he was the one who decided to change it back even thought there was the possibility of getting erased. half the time the others leave the choice completely up to him without putting their personal opinion into the situation.

8. half the time you can't tell what he's saying and whats internal monologue....  i constantly had to check if he actually said things out loud... half the time he does too.... i dunno it's just for someone who is normal why can he get away with all that... it's not really a point just an observation.

Do i think i'm right? No clue... will i be sad if i'm wrong? well yeah Kyon is my favorite character and i think it adds a layer of depth to the story... some people also twist the theory to make Kyon the Slider since we still (seemingly) don't have a slider in the group....
but there are also theories that Kyon's little sister and Mikuru are the same person... but then he's lusting after his sister and that's just gross... but they do look alike so i really don't know... i guess the next few volumes will tell.

but yeah... half the fun with this show is making your own opinion till the canon is determined.... i just wanted to save my little 'why i think this way' till i caught up...we'll see how it all goes.

next i'll finish that novel by Aaron Pogue i started the other day.... before i got distracted by Haruhi... yay lots of reading~

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