Thursday, 8 March 2012

Completed: The Rampage of Haruhi Suzumiya

i'll try to keep this short.... but i have a feeling i may not succeed....

this is book 5 in the series.... and now the order of where events happen gets a new dash of confusing.

The order so far is.
1 chapter of Rampage
2nd chapter of Rampage
last chapter of rampage

while that's not really the best description it is the most simplified one... thing is looks like it'sgunna get more complex from here cause i still haven't gotten to Live alive which would take place after sight but before the second chapter of rampage... *sighs*

This novel is a lot like Boredom in the fact that it's more like 3 short stories so i'll tackle it the same way.

Preface - Summer
no no no no no no no no nooooooooooooooooooooo

Endless Eight
Ugh.... no.... i've already watched the episode based off this 24 times.... why so many? Well the second season of the show thought it was a good idea to play the same episode 8 times... i have watched the entire second season 3 times.... hence 24 times....
Other then the blatant ignoring or the rule of thirds this episode isn't awful.... it's just tedious... it is the same damn thing 6 times, slight variation... the first and last episode are the most different of the bunch cause one is establishing the world while the other is finishing the arc.... and i do love the energy for the last endless eight episode.... still.... airing the pretty much exact same episode 8 times was an awful decision for a show that's only 13 episodes long per season to begin with.... oh and did i mention i had been waiting 3 years for the second season to come out? yeah.... not impressed

but i'm getting off topic.... how did the book handle it?
well the plot is Haruhi wants to pack as much fun into the last two week of summer vacation but apparently she's not getting enough since they have been repeating these two weeks of summer 15 498 times. Kyon and the gang have to figure out what haruhi wants to do and the answer comes in an unlikely place.
so.... how many times do we repeat the story? we don't.... we arrive at the final time because we see this from Kyon's head and he only remembers in full the one time.... the deja vu helps him but he only remembers the one set of two weeks.

as much as i hate this chapter.... and i really do.... i like the end... because once again works towards my theory that yeah Haruhi has the ability to change the world around her.... but it's not her power... someone else gave it to her. i don't know/care if i'm right.... i just think it makes for a good story if i am.

so fav part? hm.... i guess it has to be "i haven't finished my list yet" scene

Preface - Autumn
so this is taking place just after the culture festival where the movie that was being filmed in sigh is being shown.

The Day of Sagittarius
Essentially the computer club president challenges Haruhi and the SOS brigade to a match with a game they made themselves... all to get the computer Haruhi stole from them back.... unfortunately if they lose the computer club will have to give up 4 new laptops as well.... so each member of the SOS brigade will have a computer.

this chapter is fun and again shows a lot of character development for Yuki, she has fun... at least we think she has fun.... even with the limitation of nothing that a normal human couldn't do she was just enjoying herself.

fav part? hmmmmmmmm.... I have two, i should clarify Yuki isn't my fav character but i do find her entertaining... anyways the first when she reveals to Kyon that the computer club is cheating and that she simple wants to put them on a level playing field through hacking.... she waits for Kyon to say yes.... in fact damn near every decision she has ever made in all the books first involves a quick look to Kyon for approval..... oh look.... more evidence for my theory.... yay...
the second is how yuki does eventually decide to go have fun with the neighboring club.... showing she can do more then just observe haruhi

Preface - Winter

Snowy Mountain Syndrome
5 books into this series.... and i finally get new content.... this episode hasn't been turned into an episode or movie yet.... but it was really good.

as a follow up to Remote Island Syndrome Koizumi has set up another murder Mystery.... but this time everyone is in on the joke. but that wont start till new years day.... this is new years eve and they are on a ski hill.... so why not ski?

oh and wouldn't you know it? there was a blizzard.... what are the odd that when Haruhi is with you while skiing something bad would happen--- it's not Haruhi who's doing this? it's not Nagato either? in fact Nagato.... to human interface created by the data Overmind to observe Haruhi is Sick?

they find a mansion.... where time is all screwed up and the door wont open from the inside

oh they are so screwed.

i wont say anymore though just that i liked the chapter.

my Fav part would have to be Kyons reaction to someone coming into his room.... as well as everyone's reaction in that situation... ESPECIALLY Haruhi...
Also we get to see more of Tsuruya and kyon's little sister....

so yeah fun times.... i only have one more before i catch up.... hopefully it's new content because other then Live Alive and that episode where Kyon gets the heater i've read everything that's been in the show.... i think...
also foreshadowing a football game chapter and a rpg chapter setting... looking forward to it.... i hope

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