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Completed: Y’s III: The Oath in Felghana

Originally published October 30, 2011

So just this past Tuesday i was at EB games so my brother could buy the latest FPS Battlefield 3… i hadn’t had the time to look for games to play in awhile so i looked around and spotted a game called Y’s: the oath of Felghana on the psp… i had earlier this year beaten the DS port for Y’s 1 and 2… the story was good and even though i am terrible at Action RPGs i decided to give it a shot…. because honestly the game gets a little easier the closer you are to the end…. or at least the first two did.
Oath of Felghana
So yeah first thing first… the psp made a better port of these games… hands down… i love the DS but book 1 and 2 were so glitchy it was almost unplayable.

You start off the game by picking your difficulty, very easy through to nightmare… i go for normal cause i have too much pride to play on easy but not enough skill to play any harder.
boy were there times i wished i had just picked easy. This game… just like the other two… are freaking hard as hell. This game gets rid of the 0 recovery time glitch a little as every hit knocks you back… but if you get cornered you are pretty screwed… at least in this game you don’t take damage by simply touching the enemies.

Then you meet the main character Adol Christin, a young boy of 19 with fiery red hair. Despite his young age he has already been on two large adventures and saved the world a few times. You are traveling with your friend Dogi, your friend and battle companion… well… he’s you companion but you never fight as him or ever with him… this game is completely devoid of a party system… it’s just you the entire time.

Anyways you make it to the peaceful island of Felghana only to find it overrun with monsters, you save a young girl named Elena who happens to be Dogi’s childhood friend… of course not everything is the same as it was 8 years ago when dogi left. Elena’s brother chester has vanished and a nearby count is trying to take over the island… of course as an adventurer you decide to figure out why all these strange things have happened and the story go on from there.

it starts of simple… saving miners from monsters… to exceedingly complex when your trying to get all these mythical statues that hold back a dark god before the white knight beats you to it.

as far as fantasy plots go… it’s nothing that hasn’t been seen before…. get muggufin(s) have it stolen by person your trying to keep it from… find out more about characters as shocking twists occur… and eventually destroy the dark god and save world…. for the third time….. in a year… since i think Adol hasn’t had a birthday yet. hell according to the games progression… saving the world happens in exactly 1 day… ok i think were supposed to assume it takes longer then that but you only get night at the start of the game and the end.

but despite the overall plot being the same as every fantasy story ever written it is really well done, the characters are likeable and since there aren’t too many you get to know their individual personalities.

oh and the game is fairly unique… as i mentioned before it’s an action rpg meaning all battles happen real time, no battle screens and you have to physically dodge attacks… but it’s more then JUST an rpg…

It’s also a platformer…. ok not unheard of in an action rpg but still not completely common….
oh and it’s also a bullet hell game at times…. i would call it a shoot em up but you so rarely use the fireball that bullet hell works better. this adds depth and a huge amount of difficulty… if you lose boss fights enough the game pities you and askes if you want to drop the difficulty of the fight… which i did a few times… cause again…. i suck at those kinds of games…. theres a reason i can’t get past the 3rd or 4th stage of touhou… they are too damn hard!

anyways the story is cute, the port is really good… gunna get the port for 6 and 7 soon… 4 and 5 haven’t come out here yet but are supposed to be on ps vita…. which i may or may not get… we’ll see…

so yeah…. if you like rpgs, platformers and bullet hell then you will love this game…
also… the music is amazing… some of the best rpg music ever in my opinion

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