Friday, 16 March 2012

Darious -From Start to Finish-

um... not as much process work withthis one cause i was in a bit of a rush and forgot to take pictures as i went... still... some is better then none i guess?

this is the third in a series of approximately 6 (may be more... in fact will probably be more)

This is Darious, his stone is chalcanthite and last time i drew him was 6-7 years ago...
his colour is Blue wish has trust, logic, coolness and stability attached to it.

anyways first i did a sketch.... then another sketch.... then a third sketch... and this looks nothing like any of those... sometimes thast just how it turns out.... anyways....
the lines were really shaky with this one, i did something to my arm apparently but it got better as i got through it all... still it was difficult knowing my deadline was coming quick and my arm wouldn't co-operate.

and here's the final product... i really should have taken more pictures but i really just needed to get it all done for class... the core shadow is really strong in this photograph but it's much softer in reality so not sure whats going on there.... in the end it was fun to draw him again and maybe i'll do a full body of his redesign.... right now i just need to finish this series ( i only have 4-5 weeks left...sounds like a long time.... yeah it's really not)

alright... next is orange.... then probably yellow with red being the final of the 6.... if i do more... well.... we'll get there when we get there....

  again... sorry about the lack of documentation... once again it's a 14 x 20 watercolour on hot pressed paper. half way through this.... yay

So it can be purchased as either a print or an iphone case at Red Bubble

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