Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Compelted: Ano Natsu de Matteru

yes.... almost all the shows i'm watching end this week so i'm making quite of a few of these.

So Ano Natsu de Matter, it's a cute little slice of life show that uses comedy and sci-fi as well as a lot of romance.... lets just say it takes he likes her but she likes him and he likes someone else to a new level.

um... apparently it's directed by the same person who made Onegai Teacher/twins.
i will be honest.... i've only seen half an ep of teacher and none of twins.... i hear it's pretty good but the anime club at my high school wanted to watch Great Teacher Onizuka instead....

so as far as that goes i can't make comparisons other then there seems to be a similar style and apparently some throw back jokes to the previous series.

Did i like the show? yeah it's pretty cute, Alien crash lands on earth and ends up living with the boy she nearly killed.... typical plot right?

well it is more complex, she's a senior at his school and he seems really interested thanks to the vague flashbacks he has of nearly dying... but he can't remember... so he just asks her to be in the movie they are filming that summer.

if you like a fun show then this is definitely one to watch, it streams for free on Crunchyroll and it's only 12 episodes long.

plus the music is really good.... which is surprisingly important to whether i like a show or not...

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