Monday, 19 March 2012

Completed: North By NorthWest

Originally published December 22, 2011 on tumblr

so yeah… and older film….
and boy is it odd…
i saw it while dealing with a fever so i’ll probably glance over things… cause i barely remember it.
there’s a man who gets mistaken to be another man, he gets kidnapped…. nearly killed and when he tries to tell people what really happened no one believes him…. so he goes to find the man he had been mistaken for… funny thing no one seems to have met him.

even worse is that he seems to check out and travel far away just as the man who was mistaken for him is about to meet him.

so he chases him around, get framed for a UN murder and has to be very sneaky since all the cops everywhere are on his tail.anyways he bumps into a girl…. they sleep together… because…. why not? anyways she contacts the man that the main character was accused of being…. sends him to the middle of nowhere and we get the famous corn field plane shootout scene.

so omg the girl who he trusted after knowing for less then a day betrayed him…. oh snap…. so he goes to the hotel that the man was supposed to be out and wouldn’t you know it… he checked out… so he goes to the girls room…. because…. um….. the plot says so?

anyways i left to get a drink at the point so next thing i know they are at auction and the main character is trying to get himself arrested to protect his life from the bad guys who still think he’s the other guy.

however when the police say they got the UN murderer they get told to bring him to the airport and he is given to an older looking man who explains that the man who he was mistaken for never existed…. but if he could just pretend to be him for a day all would work out
he of course refuses cause he’s nearly been killed many times over…. but then it’s revealed that the girl he slept with was really working for the FBI and has fallen under suspicion… well he loves her so…. wait….. the girl who betrayed him and slept with him…. he’s in love with…. okay……
anyways he decided to go along with it…. there is a scene, she shoots him and runs off…. oh but the gun was filled with blanks…. now everyone is happy…. except no not really cause the girls going to go with the bad guys anyways and the main guy is locked in the hospital room to avoid suspicion… except one of the guys figures out that the gun was shooting blanks… and the main guy gets out of the hospital secretly…. he tires to save her…. they have a fight/chase scene on top of mt Rushmore….

oh no they are hanging off the edge, the girl only holding on by the man… he calls for help…. from the bad guy…. he goes to step on the mans foot and is shot by the fbi…. the federal secrets are kept safe…. yay!

however oh no they are still hanging… and she’ll fall…. but he turns on his sexy voice and pulls her up and now they are in the train where they met….. THE END
i’m not kidding…. the ending is abrupt

so what did i think?

what a silly movie…. i mean it’s good don’t get me wrong but soem of the set ups are just ridiculous. also i think it would have been fun had he really been the guy he was accused of begin all along… i just love films that do that…

also every girl in this film wants to sleep with him…. it’s a little silly.
but it;s good…. really long and the ending is rushed but still good…

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