Saturday, 31 March 2012

Completed: Red Tails

Originally published January 28, 2012 on tumblr

this is my last old review, from this point on i probably wont update every day but i'll try to do my best and update as much as possible

Dear Mister Lucas,
Thank you for producing this film, it showed me an interesting piece of American history which i don’t know too much about being that i am Canadian… I know some of the facts were changed around to make for a better story… but still i enjoyed the film. I understand that if was really hard to get this to theaters but thank you for pushing so hard…

That being said…

Whomever does your editing needs to be fired, or at least teach them that there is more then just the Fade option to go between scenes… it seriously got distracting. The best editing should never be noticed.

Yes it looks cool when a wing rips off a plane…. the first time…. hell maybe even the second time…. but i swear you used that same wing rip at least 4 times if not more… i get it… you didn’t have a lot of money since it was coming out of your pocket… but i still think you could have done better.

While were on the subject of graphics… the whole thing felt extremely video game… again i understand money was tight but the effects looked really poor and again distracted from the overall film.

Side note, who thought helvetica was a good option to do your opening credits in? Maybe this is just a few years of typography based classes being drilled into my head but seriously… Helvetica didn’t fit the mood of bomber planes dropping out of the sky at all.

The pacing was also off… not sure if the film needed to be cut a little but something made it drag a little at the end…. and the writing wasn’t the best… and the acting hammy…
But in the end… i did enjoy the film… yes it’s flawed but it was fairly interesting. As interesting as war films can get i guess.

anyways mister Lucas… Thank you for your time despite the fact i know you’ll never read this.


some random person on the internet.

Completely random side note based of the films previews.

NO i will NOT be seeing Star Wars Ep 1 in 3d… i saw it in theaters when it was first released…. where it promptly sucked… so do i want to go watch it in Pain-o-vision? no… NEVER… would i see ep 4-6 in 3d? probably not but i would go find it in 2d just cause i didn’t get to see those ones in theater… and those one don’t suck.

Battleship…. i knew about this for a long time but still… Battleship? i played the game once or twice… i sure as hell don’t remember force fields or bombs with outreaching chain tentacle things….
and those are the only two previews i remember.

i probably should have been painting instead of watching a movie but i’m glad i took a break… alas… there is still work to do~

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