Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Completed: The Ides of March

 Originally published October 30, 2011 on tumblr

there will be spoilers…. this is your only warning if you want to go see the film.

I’ll start of by saying that this film is written, directed and acted by George Clooney…

I’ll follow that up by saying i have never liked a film that has a writer/director/actor.
This film was mediocre… now granted i am canadian… maybe if i understood the whole Primaries and trying to win certain places of others or endorsements i may have enjoyed the more…. but i highly doubt it.

We start off will nice, albeit extremely idolized, characters who just want to get the governor elected as president… the election happens to take place on march 15th so yeah…. title drop.
throughout the course of the film we slowly see how corrupt all the characters are and we find out everyone is pretty much a paranoid power hungry asshole.

there’s a subplot of a pregnant intern that at first feels sincere but by the end it’s irritating and it actually pissed me off for the rest of the film because her sacrifice is for nothing.
then we have all the symbolism… you can tell this film is trying SO hard to be artsy and deep but it just comes off as a poser… it’s all so extremely surface.

the bulk of the film is an extremely warm pallet…. oranges and yellow to give a sense of good and calm and happy… as characters get more corrupt and paranoid we get more cools in the blues and greens and by the end it’s damn near all blue with a little red thrown in probably to show the blood the man now carries on his shoulders…. thing is…. I SHOULD BE FOCUSED ON THE PLOT… NOT THE PALLET… this is a huge failing….

the actors do a fine job and there are a lot of big names but the story and the dialogue fall so flat and by the end you hate all of them… and it’s impossible to think a film is good if you didn’t give a shit about.
but hey… if you’ve liked George clooney’s other films you’ll probably enjoy this…. if you like political films you may like it… just be warned…. nothing really happens…. so yeah… didn’t like it…. oh well.

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