Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Games i need to finish

my shelves are very thick so i have them double stacked with dvd, manga and video games.
for anime and manga it's a way to save space (since if i had all my manga single stacked i would need about 8 floor to ceiling bookshelves)

but for my games it's a little different the games that are tucked away are the ones i've beaten and probably wont play much again... in front are all the games that are half finished or not even touched.

not to mention all the games that end up near my computer cause i tend to play handhelds while sitting at the comp... dunno why just do

so this list is simply all the games i hope to beat soon....

Games that have been leant to me:

Tales of Vesperia - Xbox360 - 50%
Dragon Quest V - DS - 15%
Nayuta no Kiseki - PSP - 10% (when i said in a review i only play falcom games for the music and gameplay i lied.... i really miss not being able to fully understand the written bits of story)

Games I own:
first looking around my desk i have...
Pokemon Conquest - DS - 25%
Kid Icarus: Uprising -3DS- 85% (i try to play but it induces so much rage... but i'm so close to the end...)
Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure - 3DS - 70%
LuxPain - DS - 5% (would be further if the game ever explained anything)
Super Mario 3d land - 3DS - 15% (i have figured out i'm not a huge fan of mario games : ( no mtter how much i try)
Kingdom Hearts: DDD - 95% (cheating boss likes to cheat and make me throw things across the room)

hm... think thats it.... on my shelf is:
Pokemon White 2 - DS - 50%
Devil Survivor:Overclocked - 3DS - 98% (i'm at the final boss.... i just can't win...)
New Super Mario Bros - DS - 70%
Professor Layor and the Unwound Future - DS - 50% (not having a fileo n the game named greg to compete against makes me play these games slower apparently)
Lumonous Arc 2 - DS - i think about 70%
Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded - DS - haven't even put it in my DS.... ever...
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days - DS - 70% (again, game makes me angry but i'm so close to finishing...)
Hoshigami Remix - DS - 30% (i know i will never play this game again... i should just do a dropped and talk about how terrible it is)
Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon - DS - 50%
Final Fantasy IV - DS - 70%
Disgaea DS - DS - 50% (dunno if this counts cause i beat the PS2 version years ago.... but i'm playng through with Plenair so... hmmm)
A Witch's Tale - DS - I don't even care how far i am cause i will never play this game again, i will evenually do a  dropped review cause yeah.... so much anger...

Arc Rise Phantasia - Wii - 90% (such a bad game but it plays itself and i'm close to the end... ugh...)
Phantom Brave - Wii - 40% (it's hard and i can't beat a level)
Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn - Wii - 60%

Person 3 Fes The Answer - PS2 - 5% (i beat the journey years ago but i've barely played any of the answer... apparently it's hard and unfuffiling but i'm still curious)
Persona 4 - PS2 - 90% (i'm right before the part when i have to do the quiz to get true end.... my ps2 just isn't hooked up to my tv atm so yeah...)
Makai Kingdom - PS2 - 20% (just assume that any Nippon Ichi Software game up here is there cause it's hard and i suck at games)
LaPucell Tactics - PS2 - 80% (i'm at the chapter were i can't use my three best characters and homard doesn't have enough SP to do his special move.... i have to replay the entire game to be able to win)
Final Fantasy XII - PS2 - 80% (game has a rubber banding boss that i just can't beat and the save point before it is an hour before the fight.... screw this game)

Yggdra Union - PSP - 1% (no one told me it was a card battle game... they just said it was the sequal to Rivera!)
Class of heroes - PSP - I don;t know cause it's a strange game...
Jeanne D'Ark - PSP - never put it in my PSP
Vlakyrie Chronicals (i think thats whats it's called... i can't find it but i know i haven't beaten it) - PSP - 20% (such a hard game to get true end to...)
Persona - PSP - 1% (okay.... so i managed to find my way to the hospital... now what... what is goign on... what am i doing? EXPLAIN)
Persona 2 - PSP - 2% (okay so you've explained a little but still.... what?)
Legend of Heroes 1/2 Prophecy of the moonlight witch - PSP - 50% (i've already beaten a tear of Vermillion which is 2/1 but the controls just aren't as good as later falcom games)
Legend of Heroes 3: Song of the Ocean - PSP - havn't put it in psp cause i haven't beaten moonlight witch yet even though it's a trilogy where the order doesn't matter much at all... thank you falcom for making one of the most chronologically confused series ever.... (granted it's in part to western localization)

AND I THINK THATS IT.... there are a few things missing i think but thats the bulk of it.

oh wow thats a lot longer then i expected.... and so many games that are so bad i just don't even wanna look at them anymore...

but first thing first....

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