Saturday, 12 January 2013

Completed: The Lorax

Kat, everyone knows this film isn't terribly good.

Yeah.... i know, but i talk about things i finish.... i just finished the lorax so i'm gunna talk about it.

So the Lorax, ok this will take some story time since why would anyone watch a film that they knew wouldn't be terribly good if they weren't forced to....
Well you see my brother has Autism and he's been really eager to go to a movie lately but due to our scheduals all being a little busy it was easy to create the movie experience at home.
so we looked for movies that started at a decent time and popped some popcorn and got him some pop and treated it as if we were going to the theater.
The lorax was the movie he picked so we all watched as a family.... despite us all cringing knowing how these 3d dr suess films.... or infact any dr suess film thats longer then 30 minutes tends to suck.

So, the Lorax is a film about how corporate greed can lead a good person to do bad things in the name of money to the point where it self destructs and then no one is happy.

The good:
It has a very neat look to it.... it really captures the style of the books perfectly.... the designs are all interesting and just overall appealing, everyone has very emotive faces and there is just an overall charm i can get behind.

The Bad:
Pretty much everything else....
I don't think i can be more clean then "Just because your movie looks good, doesn't mean it is actually good"

This could ahve easily been an okay movie.... maybe good but thast pushing it.... it just needed to do a few things.
Cut out all pop culture jokes.... seriously it just serves to date the work and it's never funny.
Cut out the songs, i don't care that Zac Effron and Taylor Swift are the main characters (both do a fine job for what little screen time they have) the songs just served to pull you out of themoment and pad then length of an already short film.
Cut out the overblown preachiness.
I know that the original story is kinda preachy.... don't cut down all the trees or bad shit will happen to the earth.... and while i never read the original story i have a feeling it was much more subtle then this film.... which constantly bashes you over the head with how good trees are and how we should take better care of the earth.... and you know what we should! but you don't need to keep telling us over and over for and hour and a half.
this is kind of outside the film.... but don't advertise your anycorporate pro good enviroment film on things like cars and sodas and movie theaters.... maybe.... just maybe.... some people will find it a tiny bit hypocritical

The Terrible:
this film felt like it was ripping off a few other films...
selling cans of air? kinda reminds me of Spaceballs or as my family pointed out the original Total Recall (which i haven't seen yet and i should since i worked on the remake... and i hear it's really fun and kinda campy which could be good.... oh but takes place in space..... hm.... that makes it difficult)
Telling of the story in flashback with minor interruptions from the kid who just wants to get to the good part? reminded me of princess bride.
Fighting a force of evil just working for it's own sense of good while they try to get a seed to the middle of town? Wall-e (which in it's own right it preachy too but due to the fact that half the film has no dialogue i forgive it)
Am i being unfair? Hell yes but the thing is everything in this film reminded me that i could be watching some other film that i would probably have more fun with (especially princess bride since thats only of my all time fav films.... i think i know it off by heart....)

 However all that being said it wasn't as bad as i was expecting... some moment were genuinely sweet  but most critics made it out to be this terrible piece of trash.... it's not good by any stretch of the mind but i'm not angry i saw it... if i had paid for it then i probably would be more angry but i got to see it for free on the movie network so no complaints.... i wont be seeing it again any time soon.

But honestly if you are curious about it give it a try.

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