Sunday, 27 January 2013

Water Fairy - From Start to finish -

so way back in the ye olde days of highschool i drew a bunch of fairies that had certain elements attached.
now being the incedibly creative 15 year old i was i made 8...
fire, water, earth, wind, electricity, wood, darkness and plants...
okay.... so i wasn't even remotely creative with it..... shush... i was 15....

anyways i enjoyed the concept behind them and their place in my worlds lore but i just never really drew them much (despite my unhealthy obsession with drawing wings of any kind....) again they weren't terribly creative and their designs were kinda.... blah...
however whenever i do get in the mood to do a series with them i always start with Lilina who is my Water fairy.

Why her? i dunno.... she was one of the original ones i did and i kinda have to be in the mood to do Trish, my fire fairy, because her hair is comprised of giant ringlets which are fun to colour but not so fun to draw in photoshop.

I actually did a bust of her not too long ago with lots of flowers.... cause normally i design all the fairies with flowers.... but i couldn't fit them into this composition so i didn't try to force them in.

So i made this sketch the day after my last day at work.... i wanted to jump right into working on something new to avoid being unproductive.....
however i didn't like this piece at all...
not even a little.... it was just too long to be chibi and... well it had some things i figured i could use as experiment pieces.... i'm a big believer in "just cause you don't like it doesn't mean you should give up... just use it to learn"

so i did, and i changed it up a bit thought inking... made the eyes a little bigger and the face a little rounder just cause i wanted it to be chibi styled despite the tallness.

i don't have any inbetween pics cause once i got the flat colour down and had a chunk of time to actually sit and work it went by really quickly.

i looks at some reference shots of water and i thought it would be fun to have her feet splashing down... i probably could spend a few days on the water and it still wouldn't look any better so agai ni figured i should just have fun with it.
also more ruffles on the dress cause......... um..... i like drawing ruffles? nixt to wings it's my second biggest unhealthy addiction... (third is beads.... i draw a lot of beads....)
but yeah with the dress i kinda of wanted it to be reminicent of flowing water... which gave me a good excuse for the ruffles... yay excuses.
but yeah love it or hate it i had a lot of fun working on it.
will i do the other 7? probably.... eventually.... no rush in the end... i have a lot of time off and i hope to fill my day with lots of art (but not too much cause i don't wanna burn out)

now off to hopefully beat professor Layton cause i've been at the end for far too long and i haven't done a game review in a long time.

Lilina can also be seen at
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