Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Neptune - From Start to finish -

omg i did one of the outer senshi...

originally i didn't think i would do them because even though i love their designs.... they are not my fav characters.... but still... i figured i should try so i did!

hm... i think i should add to the reason i wasn't planning to do the outers.... they are all pretty serious and it's hard to portray seriousness when drawing a big head chibi style.... i know a lot of people really like the outers and i didn't wanna screw it up...

so yeah i just decided to go ahead with finishing it offsince i figure it was still like the others in the series and i could fix some of the proportions with inking...

no inbetween shots cause this was literally 30 mins of colouring and another 20 or so o nthe bg.... which i think is a little too dark but i'll explain why i went that way in a moment.
so the reason for the darker BG.... well i was just thinking it would be further away from the sun and therefor less light but more brilliant stars.
but yeah it was very fun and i may eventually get to the other three.... i'm in no rush.

i do hope to get some painting done soon but for that i need a bigger area to work *sighs* oh well i'll make it work soon enough. For now i hope you enjoy little neptune

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