Monday, 14 January 2013

Completed: Hakuoki Season 1

so.... Hakuoki Reimeiroku was a prequil?
everything makes sense now!
well okay not everything...

So I enjoy Reimeiroku quite a bit considering it just ends and there is no closure.... so i was bound to like this as it continues the story... right?

Okay so it's about a Girl who is in the wrong place at the wrong time and while almost getting killed by rogue samurai she is saved by a Fury which is just a human turned into a monster and kinda sorta indiscrimenantly kills everything.... great.
anyways she's saved from the fury by the Shinsengumi.... which kinda created the fury to begin with.... great.
She ends up being taken to their base, essentially kidnapped cause it's either have her remain in the camp or kill her.
Then a little Stockholm Syndrome later she begins to look up to her captors and help them out.

I think i need to make it clear the Shinsengumi in the story IS the good guy.... i just don't like how this main character is brouht into the plot... reimeiroku the one guy sais the guy owes him his life and therefor must work for him... in this one it's more a situation of well at least they aren't kill her but she is WAY too trusting.

anyways stuff happens.... furys attack or go nuts, main character gen injured to a point where if they want to live they become furys ... we find out the girl is actually a demon (not that it ever means anything to the plot so far as all we see is quick healing) and we find a group of real demons who want to take the girl...

then it ends.... with a "Season 2 on the way eventually!"

Alrighty then~

The good:
The music is really good, love both intro and ending songs.
The art is pretty, i'm sure the mostly male cast has nothing to do with the fact that i like the art.... or the fact that it's based of an Otome game.... thats just a coincidence i say (fun fact when i was told it was based on an otome game i was confused as Reimeiroku has no main female characters... then i watched this and it all made sense...)

The not so good: 
The story.... it's not that it's complicated or long or boring it's just that i find it really hard to care.... i don't care that the girl is a demon, i don't care that they are still working on this waters of life thing despite no real good results..... maybe it's the pacing being a little of the slow AND breakneck speed time jumps making the whole thing feel disjointed... Also it makes me question Reimeiroku's point even more... maybe blue hair McWhiny pants comes back in osaka? okay.... but that doesn't help me now.... why was he the main character of that season... he doesn't do anything.... and i'm pretty sure reimeiroku came out AFTER hakuoki (though i could be wrong on that) so wouldn't they find a way to conenct him more then just that blue haired guy with the odd design thats scared to fight... and whines a lot.

but i'm not unhappy for having watched it... i wish there was more of a conclusion but there is a second season greenlit so i understand why they left it as open as they did.... but seriously two shows both kinda just stopping? no... thats not good payoff....

but still it's over at Crunchyroll for free and i would suggest watching Reimeiroku first cause i would have been WAY more confused had i watched hakuoki without all the prior knowledge of the prequil....

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