Friday, 11 January 2013

Winter 2013 - First impressions -

normally i wait till a few episodes of any given series are out but this time there are a lot of titles and a lot to talk about and in the end i am incredibly impatient cause i want to talk about them now and now in three weeks.

Every title here can be found on crunchyroll cause it's the Easiest way for me to Simulcast anime legally AND anime network on demand doesn't have anything i am deperate to watch at the moment.

that being said lets start with the continuing series.

i'm still on the fence with this show... it's fun and funny but not the kind of show I normally watch... still unless it gets really boring i'll probably still watch.

Blast of Tempest: 
I love this show, i don't care that they spent 4-5 episodes standing across from each other in the same spot with little to no action.... i think the concept behind the show is great as it's almost as if Hamlet and the tempest had a baby with a slice of life/ magic anime... the art is good the music is good and the story is taking some interesting turns... first episode of the second half IS a clip show but it's well done cause it actually gives you some new plot elements.

Shin Sekai Yori (From the new world):
Until a few episodes ago i had NO clue what was going on.... i watched mainly cause what story was there was kind of facinating and the ending song/animation is really well done.
now that we know more about the world and people within it it's even more interesting and it's been getting better every week.

Chihayafuru 2: 
Technically a season two but it's a continuation of the story from a few seasons ago so it's going here.
it hasn't aired yet but i know i'll like it cause the first season was so good. 

So thats all the shows that i'm still watching from another season.... now onto the purely new stuff...
and i gave a lot of shows a try....
and a lot of them were terrible.... more on that in a bit.

Love Live! School Idol project:
As far as i can tell this show has no affiliation with Idol M@ster..... though you wouldn't know it by looking at it.... to be fair the show isn't bad... it's just strange.
The story is nothing new but the weirdness comes from the fact that all the dance scenes with panning shots use really badly done MMD models.... making it look like a video game...
now if the whole thing was done this way i would think it looked cheap but at least it would be cohesive... however the actual animation in the show is actually kinda decent and these cheap looking models just look jarring and strange.... i will probably give it another episode or two but i can't figure out why they didn't just animate the dance scenes the same way they did the rest of the show.
yes animation is expensive but having a cohesive look that doesn't make the viewer question "why does it look like that" is worth so much more.

Encouragement of climb:
I hate anime that under 5 minutes and i wish this trend would go away.... i was looking forward to this show but after i watched the first episode i know i wont be continuing.
but seriously i hate 5 min comedy anime....

AGAIN, i hate 3 minute comedy anime..... but i can't get through 20 second of this show cause that intro song is so bad it makes me do whatever i can to get off the video as fast as possible.... it's worst then nails on a chalkboard or someone scratching frosted glass.....

Ah yes your typical story about a girl blackmaling a guy into dating her cause she's tired of all the unwanted attention...
um.... other then it feels like the Gamma is WAY too high on this show it seems like it has a fun concept... i'll give it another ep or two before i completely ditch it.... but i don't think it's bad... a little fanservicy though.

i went into the show knowing nothing and not expecting anything and i got an interesting take on Fantasy and Economics and the profit that can be had from horrible things.
again it's a little fanservicy for my taste but it actually pretty interesting and got a few chuckles from me... i'll probably watch it for the season cause i have a feeling the fan service will be less and less... most shows just tend to use it a lot at first to hook some male viewers.... then it calms down.

Cuticle Detective Inaba: 
so he's a warewolf police dog human thing that gains power wen he eats hair....
What the--
i don't think i'll continue this one.... just too strange....

Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East: 
I was looking forward to this one based of the preview and so far it's pretty good. Animation is really pretty and althought i know very little about the story what i do know makes me want to keep watching.
unfortunately i'm not 100% on what it's about so i'll just say a boy talks to demons and another turns into a dog..... and they live in a church that only worships on god thought they know for a fact that there are more.... yay?

The Unlimited Hyobu Kosuke: 
people who can wield ESP and are considered threats to society so they are imprisonned but it's just so that experimentation can be done on them and theres a really powerful esper/leder of the rebellion and a guy who seemingly has no esper powers but is in prison anyways?
hm..... yeah ok i'm in.
I like stories that deal with supernatural things like Demons or Psychics so automatically this was one of the shows i was looking forward to and so far so good.... the art style is a bit angular but interesting so yeah i'll probably watch it all.

Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman:
it's a lot like Lupin the 3rd...
like it's lupin the 3rd but in fudal japan....
i'm not really enjoying it at the moment... which is odd cause i like lupin....
i may give it another episode but i have a feeling this show just isn't for me...

oh hey thats Okazaki's voice--- and it's over already.... WHY are there so many anime that are under 5 minutes long.... i seriously HATE this.

I almost didn't watch this show cause the styling looked so moe blob.
now i'm pretty sure that this will end up as my fav of the season.
It's REALLY good and it does a great job establishing the world this girl lives in and how her uncontrolled ability to read peoples mind has cause her a lot of trouble.
and the animation, while on the simple side, is cute and well done.... i look forward to seeing where this goes... 

I knew that if this show was terrible it would still be my guilty pleasure for the season since it is so lovely..... but then it actually had an interesting premise too boot.
A spirit bumps into a girl and fuses with her soul causing her to forget everything she knew before... however if she tells those around her she has amnesia they will put her in a hospital and without stimulation of seeing old friends her condition will worsen.... i figure there is more to that but thast all i know for a the moment... again it's gunna be one of my favs this season. 

so thats all i've got for now... i may add a few more titles to this in a bit cause crunchy just got all of little buster but they haven't put up the first half yet and they still seem to be annoucing things... somehow...
but yeah thats my first impression of the winter 2013 season.... i was worried at first but lately some really good shows have come out and i look forward to seeing were they go...
but there is a lot of moe and fanservice so be warned if you hate that stuff as much as i do....
there were some titles i just didn't give a chance either cause they were 2nd/3rd seasons of shows i haven't seen or i could just tell they would not be something i enjoy... oh well...

what are you enjoying this season?

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