Sunday, 6 January 2013

Back to work!

So, it's the final day of my two week Hiatus...
what did i manage to get done in that time?

not that much to be honest.... awww.... i can't believe that i get more done when i only have an hour to myself every day.

oh well... lets see what i got done..
Caught up on all the current series i've been watching and 3 of them finished... yay
Finished 5 pieces of art (granted two were fan art....)
Beat one game.... oh but there are so many left...
saw some friends (considering we all have crazy schedules and live a little far from each other i do consider this an accomplishment.)
figured out what i'm allergic to (nothing.... which was pretty surprising... granted perfume and msg weren't tested but i don't need a test to know i can't go near either of those.)
Drank a lot of tea.... A LOT.... but it's so yummy

and otherwise i was just lazy for two weeks... and it was wonderful... i would have loved to get more art done but between fighting off colds and trying to cope with the fact that i went from having no time off to having two weeks guarenteed no work... i just couldn't wrap my head around working on more art.... which is no excuse and i did get something sketched almost every day... so i was only a little lazy... *sighs*

i do find it odd that i know i'll miss the time off... even though i'll only be working for 2 more weeks most likely... but until they boot me i'll just keep showing up~
still... all that sleeping in!

i really shouldn't complain... most real jobs only give you the Stats off and i was luckily enough to have a full Hiatus.

But yeah it's all good... other then the fact that the less time i have the more stuff i finish.... how does that even work?

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