Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Completed: Professor Layton and the Unwound Future

I have had this game half finished for a long time... i mean i bought it new.... played it a ton and then went to college and got other games and pushed it to the side until today.

So we find our Hero hershal Layton and his apprentice Luke involved in yet another puzzling mystery. They receive a letter from someone claiming to be from the future... well something as mysterious as that can not be ignored by this great puzzle solving master. so he goes with his apprentice as well as flora (the girl from the first game) and try to figure out what on earth is going on.
along the way they evntually arrive in the future and meet with someone who sais he's Luke but 10 years further in the future...
curiouser and curiouser.

i wont say much more except that if you have played any of the other games you can guess the plot twist pretty quick but i promise you wont get it completely right.

The good:
This is a puzzle game.... the puzzles are good... not greatest ever and no mind blown moment of one of the earlier games but still fun and challenging (though a little more on that later).
the story is cute and sweet and it mostly serves as a vehicle to get the plot moving so in the end it does it's job and never feels unwelcome or useless...
there is one part of he game that makes you think it may be a puzzle... you are given a clue of where to go next.... i thought the game would let me figure it out.... the game felt it should explain it to me in the next scene.... hm...
it's a decent pick up and play a few minutes game...
the music is really good, they changed the majority of the puzzle music from the first two games which is kinda a bummer but near the end you get really good and slightly faster versions of those songs and yeah just all around great score.

The not so good:
if your only good at some types of puzzles some of these may piss you off.... there are a few were the wording could be made a little clearer or the rules could be a bit more defined. the biggest offender to me were the stamp puzzles.... had they let me physically use the stamp instead of just checking off which ones i would use i wouldn't have been so pisses about them.
however on the flip side this one has a lot of 3d thinking puzzles and reversing the image or rotating the ds which i'm really good at so.... i can't complain too much

The bad.... but only for me:
as i say before i got this game new.....
how is that bad?
well the first two games i bought used.... both of them had a file called Greg on them and both times he kicked my ass time wise...
i'm more then a little competitive so some of the magic of the game was lost when i couldn't compete against 'greg'.... but the game was new and i didn't wanna wait even though it took more then 2 years for me to sit down and actually beat it.
i was in a friendly competition with my friend but
a) college and work took all free time away so yeah.... she pretty much automatically won
b) because i wasn't rushing i really spent a lot of time with this one... though i never did finish those toy car and parrot puzzles.... ugh... sorry they just weren't fun for me : (

but yeah these puzzle games are so much fun, a little sillier then your average puzzle game but hey thats what makes it all the more fun.

also the style of the animation and characters is just a joy, may try doing some of my characters like that for fun... thought i said the same about ghost trick and figured out it's really hard and will take a lot of practice to get my brain working like that.

alright onto play either vesperia, nayuta no kiseki or dragon quest 5 so my friend doesn't try to kill me for having his games for too long.

or i could art for a while... haven't decided yet.... hm....

side note: i do have the 3ds layton game and the second i find the missing DS games for the series i will get those too... for now the game store i live by was sold out..... maybe i'll get to play Greg one more........

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