Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Amethyst - From Start to finish -

so day before new years eve - went to a friends new apartment and didn't get home till 1 in the morning.... no tiem for art
New years eve - sick as a dog all day, not enough mental capacity to draw anything.
New years day - still sick but still went to friends house for brunch and watched some doctor who christmas funtimes.... i looked at my sketchbook and went... yeah oay i've been making excuses for the past two days i'll draw something. Four minutes later i had

So some fun facts about Adara, She is one of the first characters i ever created but this is only the third time i've drawn her, out of all my characters she is the only one who can heal people and next to my main Rai she's the only other one that wields a staff.
Also i was young when i named her and it totally took it from The belgariad... i just really liked the name.
Also in the story all the main characters have a stone that they use to amplify their ability. In her case it's Amethyst.

not that any of this matter cause i will probably never ever write this story.... just cause my dad is a writer doesn't mean i EVER want to follow that path.
And no writing these little blurbs or writing my "here's me talking about things i just finished" don't count.... thats just a way for me to get out all the things i need to say to avoid exploding it on someone who doesn't care.... so instead the internet that doesn't care gets it.... yay~

so yeah i actually spend a bit of time on colouring it in photoshop and i'm fairly happy with the results... i'm still kinda in this blah slump so i'm sure it could be better but i had fun with it.
I think in my tweaking i screwed up the proportions of the chibiness even worse but oh well i really did have fun trying to make a reflection of the staff on the crystal.... which you can't see but oh well i know it's there... yay

but yeah so far my list of new years resolutions are as follows.
Stop being terrified of driving, you don't want your current license to expire.
Finish some games before buying new ones... that list was frightningly long
Draw characters who don't get as much love as Rai, Meriel, Melody or the character formally known as Kurai but doesn't have a new name yet though it'll probably be Dameon cause that character doesn't fit in with the story anymore....... yay merging characters.....

also better backgrounds... i've been getting wayyyyy too lazy with them lately.

alright well enjoy, i'm going to go sleep now cause i have an appointment tomorrow to figure out what i'm allergic to..... yay -_-

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