Thursday, 31 January 2013

Completed: My Little Pony Season 1&2

Kinda late to the party Kat?
well... okay... i have a tiny bit of a story behind this one....

in my second year of college i started noticing very styalized ponies everywhere.... you couldn't go to a single site without seeing tones of them.
at the same time Panty and Stocking was out and extremely popular cause of how stylized it was. (yes.... i'm about to relate panty and stockign to MLP.... hear me out)
so when i saw a purple pony with a dark mane and pink/light purplr streak i thought it was people turning that character (i think it was stocking? never got into the show....) into a pony but with the very stylized look.

Needless to say i was REALLY wrong.

i think a few months later a friend who i believe at that time was still in the same program as me but she switched the followed year... anyways thats not important... she asked me my thoughts on MLP... i still had no clue it had been rebooted.... now i remember (vaguely.... my memory pre 7 years old isn't there) watching some episodes of the show.... it was kinda pastely and cute but never really was my thing... i felt liek it was aimed at someone younger then me...
yeah... so...
she explained how it got rebooted and how Laruen Faust was attacked and her resume of animation... she also said it was really good considering it's technically a kids show.

Not good FOR a kids show.... good despite being aimed at children cause honestly anyone of any age could easily enjoy it.

That really sounded interesting to me. I hate the fact that we make television for children instead of shows that kids can enjoy... anyways i did an entire rant on that.... don't need to start it again here...
however i had no way to watch it at the time... i wasn't at home when it was on TV and Netflix in canada only just recently got it.
So i had to wait.
i did get to see most of season 1 before it hit netflix but season 2 was pure netflix... so hey... i actually get to use somthing other then chrunchyroll for once.

What did i think?
Pleasantly surprised... again when i keep hearing how amazing something is and how crazy the fanbase gets i tend to not like it as much.... but it was really quite good.

The overall story is simple: Twilight Sparkle is a pony from the capital Canterlot who doesn't see the value in friendship, Queen  Princess Celestia sends her to a small town to show her why friends and friendship are such an important thing to have.
every time Twilight (and in season two this is expanded to everyone) learns something new about the power of friendship she must write a letter to the Queen Princess explaining the lesson she learned.

and of course there are side stories and characetrs arcs but thast the basic plot.... it sounds kitchy and corny but when used in the show it's done very well... the morals are a bit blah but hey.... i understand why they do them....

Aside from twilight there are 5 other main ponies and one baby dragon.... all are unique characters with interesting problems and it's really nice to see a variety of issues instead of what i got to grow up with which was a lot of "lets bake a cake to solve the problem!" or "lets throw a suprise party to solve the problem!"
um.... yeah..... no...

Also worth noting... the animation for this show is lovely, it's bright and colourful and has more colours then just pink and purple.... thought i doubt i need to tell anyone that since i'm probably the last person on earth who hasn't seen this show. So in short, i liked it... i look forward to the third season being put on netflix... i'm not necessarily a 'fan' but i thought it was really really well done....

hm... if i had to pick a favorite.... i dunno... i like the mane 6 for different reasons... so maybe rarity or Twilight? but if i had to pick an overall fav probably Luna since in the few episodes she's been in she has had quite the character arc.

but yeah i'm really glad i finally had the chance to watch the show and make my own opinion.. cause i can't stand people judging things without having seen/read it themselves.... hence why i try not to say anything till i finish it *nods* i dont; always make it but hey.... i try~

anyways off to finish re-reading what i own of Natsume yuujinchou and then i'll probably finish Ouran High Host Club manga.... and drawing somewhere in there... all this free time is killing me!
ah well see you next time!

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