Friday, 25 January 2013

All things come to an end

So i work in the film industry, granted this is only my second film but it was a big one. 

Today is my last day~

I started last June (or was it May?) and at the height of crazyness i did 70 days in a row with no weekends (ok it was really 69 but 70 sounds better)
It was a lot of work and a lot of crazy hours but in the end it was kinda fun, i got to see almost all the sets and i got some more autographs to add to my collection. (i'm hoping when i move out i can frame all the pictures and make an autograph wall)
i got to meet some very important people in the industry and speak with them as equals (well as equal as co-workers get at least.... they were still my bosses and could fire me if they felt like it.)

I got to learn some new techniques even if i wasn't the one applying them (marble should be fun to try~)... I got to show people that even though i look like a child (on average people guess about 10 years younger) i am smart and able to do this job... even though in the end it's not the field i am aiming for.

I also got to learn i hate waking up at 5 am.... cause it makes everyone call me an old lady when i go to bed at 10..... i also hate having no free time cause it makes people start to think your avoiding them when it's just that i haven't had a day off in three months.

but most importantly..... i learn that samsung doesn't play nice with borther printers and will tend to blue screen if you even think of printing..... samsung you are a very nice laptop but damn you can be a pain in the ass sometimes... but if you know the right people you can get a large format printer (11x17) for a really good price

but now it ends, today is my final day (barring the occasional daily calls i may get during the final days of wrap)... i'm all packed up and ready to go to the next adventure.... which will involve getting over this cold i have an a lot of art and games and books.... maybe even some travel in a few months... and of course eventually another job thats hopefully closer to what i actually want to get into (honestly anything even vaguely art related will make me happy... i'm pretty good at this accounting stuff but it's not what i want to do with my life) but for now i'm not worried about it... i look forward to making up for al lthose skipped weekends.

Though i'm gunna miss the check i get every week *sighs*
But no matter it's over and it's on my IMDB page and that makes me happy~
onto the next adventure!!

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