Friday, 4 January 2013

Winter - From Start to finish -

So i think i've made it pretty clear that my fav show for the moment is Natsume Yuujinchou
i love the style
i love the music
i love the characters
but best of all i adore the story.

however i've never drawn fan art of it.

see the more i like something, the harder i find it to draw art proclaiming my love o the series...
i mean it took me over a decade to draw Sailor moon fan art that i'm halfway happy with.... and i still haven't even finished that set.

so this was my first time drawing the main character Nastume Takashi.
ugh.... just... so.... ugh... i just... i could probably do so much better then this.
still... this was my first time ever drawing him and i figured i should colour him in and then deem it a failure...

after the flat colouring it looked way worse, i don't have a screen shot but trust me it was bad.... however about halfway through a friend of mien asked for a WIP swap so i sent over
slit pupils are really hard to accomplish in my style and not look creepy as hell so this was the best i could do.... i'll probably figure out a way that works next time i draw him... if i ever draw him again.
also first chibi in ages without an open mouth.... yay *waves a little flag*

then finally after fiishing i promised myself to actually put a bit of effort into the BG.... and i got.
i'm... actually kinda okay with this.... it still has problems but for my first time drawing him... it could have been worse...

also just for fun~

yay for manga coloured version~
yes all i did was change the hair and eye colour.... thast all the did for the show....

 why did they so drastically change his appearance in the show.... lets just say i have a theory but i wanna hold it back for now~
there isn't that much evidence to support it (though my friend and i DO have is pretty concrete so far)

but i don't wanna turn this into that kind of discussion...
so i hope you like it, i hope you go watch the show over at crunchy roll
i hope you go read the manga (cause it has more stories then the show does currently.)
and yeah have a great day, i'm gunan go make some tea~


  1. I'm not familiar with the show, the white hair with green eyes look nice. But I'm a sucker for softer neutral colours so I like the blond with brown eyes better :3

    1. it's a fun show, it's not for everyone but i adore it. I also like the neutral version a bit more if only cause he pops from the background a bit more ><
      but yeah if you like slice of life anime with things like demons and spirits it's a great show. if you hate that kind of thing stay away lol