Monday, 14 January 2013

Is it so hard to ask?

just personal stuff so you done have to read i just need to say this somewhere.

yesterday I posted a chibi pic of sailor mercury.
people seem to like it and that makes me really happy cause even though it's fan art other people liked it and that makes me just a bundle of giggles.
however just a few minutes ago someone said they loved it, well thats wonderful-- oh... and they are making it their msn icon.... hm... i'm not sure how i feel about this.

Rai, why would you feel conflicted about this.... someone used it to represent themself as an avatar...
yeah... um... thats really flattering and all but it made me realize how little i can do... someone liked the art, they saved it and they turned it into an avatar.... they didn't ask they just did it.... and there is nothing i can do. it doesn't matter that i put an incredibly light water mark at the bottom so people could perhaps find the source but it wouldn't cover the picture and be ugly but now it's most likely been cropped out.

But Rai it's exposure!
only if they link it back to me which from my experience with any avatars on any site pretty much never happens.Though if you are one of those people who do credit the source of avatar art I think you rock and you should keep at it!

But Rai they aren't making money so who cares?
i still care... it's not about the money it's about the fact that i spent a chunk of time working my ass off something in the hope that others would enjoy and without a simple "hey would you mind if" they just felt "oh it's art, it's on the internet and therefor must be free for me to edit as to suit my personal needs" and it's just.... ARGH

Artist work really hard on their shit.
The absolute least you can do before you edit one of their pics is ASK if it's okay to do so.

Had the user in question simple said "hey would you mind if i made this my avatar"
i would have replied. "please go right on ahead i would be extremely flattered" but to do it off the assumption that it's okay do this shit without asking just cause it's on the internet... I can't tell you how frustrating that is.
Artist are not art machines
Artist are living breathing people who are trying to make a living while doing what they love and anytime you do anything to their art without asking it makes them want to stop posting.

i'm not really that upset about the person in question... i am flattered that they turned it into an avatar but I really hate this attitude that it's okay just to do whatever you want with something cause it's on the internet... it need to stop
i know it never will
but i seriously wish it would.

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