Sunday, 20 January 2013

Figure Photoshoot - Rin Okumura -

I got this over a week ago but this was the first day i was able to set up a better lighting system.... it's not perfect but i think i should be able to figure out the tweaks i need to make for the next one.

number one thing i'll figure out is how to have the figure at a level where a tripod is useable cause it's not easy keeping still in lowish light while trying to get shallow depth of field.... oh well

so this is going to be really photo heavy so yeah.... not gunna be saying much...

First Rin surrounded by the blue flame, i love that they made the flame have a bit of a shine cause in the right lighting it looks pretty cool.

Unfortunately with the sword and the tale he becomes increadibly long.... it is possible to get him all in focus but i needed a tripod and like i said before.... my setup doesn't allow for one.... so my first shot ended up focusing on the base.... oh this is gunna be fun...

oh well as lteast all the others are mostly in focus... like  i said i really like working with a shallow depth of field.... i just think it looks nicer then a perfectly focused pic... also not sure why this one ended up so cool in colour correction stage.... used the same lighting as all the other shots... hm.... oh well... i could have fixed it but it was so blurry already i figured just move on.

 at least this one was mostly in focus.... i just really wish i could show you how nice the blue flamed sword is *sighs*

I really love this face's expression, just looks like he's ready to cause a little trouble~
so far the lighting seems to be much better then other photoshoots i've done so yay.... hopefully with Godoka nendo arrives or his brother (which i think comes out next month?) i'll have it all working and lit from two angles instead of just the one i managed for this.
He came with his little demon cat Kuro.... oh it's so cute... and again a diagonal composition like this is so much much fun with shallow depth of fieldbut it would have been nice to maybe have gotten his front paws in focus as well... hm...

Alright on to Human Rin which is a much more compact figure which makes it way easier to photograph.
Yeah the legs are a little blurry but thats okay~
still i love how sassy he looks in the pose... despite how compact it is it just has so much movement and detail.
This is probably my fav pic of the whole day, really happy with this one.
although this one was fun too... even though it's a little blurry...

Trying to get a nice half body pic of him~
and just a slightly different angle...

My only complaint with the figure is that as awesome as his devil form is it takes up A LOT of space on my shelf.... which is crowded with nendo petites.... so i think i'll keep him in human form for a while and change him around when his brother arrives.

I love the fact that this is such a well done Male figure of a series i really enjoyed... kinda makes me wish they would make a G.E.M series Natsume or Kyon.... *sighs* one day i will own 1/8 scale figures of those characters...... though.... probably not...

anyways i hope you enjoy my little photoshoot... i figure it's better posting them here then spamming tumblr.... now i just gotta wait for my dad to get back so i can swipe his Macro lens.... i'm too cheap to buy my own.... though when i move out i'm gunan have to..... damn....
Anyways all these pics were taken on my Canon Rebel XTi (which may be getting a little old but it works and again if i'm too cheap to buy a lense i'm definitely too cheap to buy a new DSLR... so i plan to use it till it refuses to work anymore....)
Last time i checked the figure was sold out at Ami ami but you can check hobby search.... they are good just a little more expensive then ami ami

Alright i'm off to do what sick people are supposed to do by resting and having chicken noodle soup...

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