Sunday, 13 January 2013

Mercury - From start to finish -

I.... I did it.... i drew all the inner senshi....

OKAY so fun fact, mercury was the third of the set that i drew.... but i wasn't at all happy with it... i mean...
just.... just no...
no.... no no no no no.
she was the reason i almost stopped after only doign sailor moon... cause i thought my inability to draw sailor moon curse had returned that that i should just stick to original art cause it's a lot less stressful.

so then i did all the other inner senshi because people REALLY liked Chibi Usa... which surprised me cause of all my inability to draw curses she was the one i had been fighting for years.

anyways soon she was the only one left..... but i wasn't gunna try and make that sketch work... it was unsalvageable in my opinion.

so this morning i just was sketching and nothing was workign so i did a quick one of her

well.... it's betetr then the first.... AH WHATEVER.... roll with it... fever be damned!

so eventually i finished inking which looked something like this~
at this poitn i almost stopped for the day cause i am really not feeling to good... but then i remembered thanks to work i may not be able to fnish this till tuesday or wednesday and i really didn't wanna wait that long...
now i don't know if it was me takign short cuts but she has been the fastest one to colour... or my sense of time could just be screwy at the moment but it felt like colouring her only took 2 hours or so...
there's the finished product.
yay~ i'm sorry my brain is doing everything in it's power not to cook so i'm not terribly coherant.
I am extremely happy the inner set is done... dunno if i'll do the outer set or not... only time will tell but it would probably be in a similar style... maybe... i don't know...
i think i should og to bed now or work tomorrow will be the most super of fun times... i mean it's only my hell day.... *has a little cry* i wish i could take a sick day be we are litterally two weeks to the end (or at least thats what i've been told for when i'll be let go) so i wanna make as much money as i can while i can.... gotta pay for all the traveling i plan to do somehow.

ALRIGHT, i hope you enjoy it and i'll do a pic (tomorrow or the day after depending on free time) with all the inner chibis together..... yay~
good night~

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