Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Garnet Bust - From start to finish -

I have been fighting off something nasty... i dunno if it's a cold or the flu (though the flu is going around work so i probably have that to look forward to.... though friday should be my last day.... so maybe i'll get out before i get much more ill) but tangent aside even if i'm violently ill i alwasy try to sketch something
9 times out of ten.... hell pretty much every time i looks terrible but at least i'm drawing something.

so yesterday even though i really should have been resting i took a few minutes and made a terrible sketch.
ugh.... i was trying for a longer face but i didn't get the proportion right at all and i felt the swirly hair was too similar to the meriel pic i did a little while ago.... but i wasn't in the mood to do straight hair so i added a bit of volume to the final product.

before i post that just a short story. Garnet was one of my earlier originals but because she was kinda of off to the side i didn't ever flush out her motivations as much as the others.... though this isn't the first time i drew her... around valentines day in '07 i drew her since her pallet is essentially red and pink (or was... if i drew her again i would probably add some purple or blue or yellow.... or all cause i like colour~) and yeah i gave her these big floppy ears and kinda droopy eyes so i tried to do something like that but with the added 5 years of experience...
Since i wasn't happy with the sketch i did use this as a complete experimentation piece so i tried adding some freckles and some new techniques with the lips....
so yeah.... final product.

I had fun with it... it's not perfect... lots of flaws that i could fix if my head wasn't trying to boil inside my skull... i decided to also give her more of a heart shaped face since i seem to only draw her around this time of year.  and yeah... overall i'm happy i got to try lots of new things with this pic and i really hope to pay attention to the characters that just get pushed aside cause they aren't the mains.

but yeah i should probably rest a little before i got onto the next piece....
not that i'm capable of telling myself rest/getting better > Drawing/painting/sculpting

anyways I hope you like it!

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