Thursday, 7 February 2013

Nothingness - From Start to FInish -

i had been i na bit of a slump recently... nothing really creative was coming to mind so i did a lot of studies and eventually i managed to make this picture.
ugh... just... so much wrong....
but i knew that most of the proportion issues were because i ran out of room on the page and
i was just sketchign in such a way to get the idea on paper.... i knew i could fix it up later in photoshop.
so.... i did.... i still couldn't get the hands to a size thats was right but hey at least it was better...
because i was wantign more flow in the piece i tried to figure out how to plant her feet , i went through around 6 or 7 different ways before finally picking one i was happy with. now i had doubled the size of the sketch to be able to have lots of room to work.... and that nearly killed this piece in the end...
this was after i figured out how i wanted the card like bg and the pieces coming off the edge to look and got some quick flat colouring done so i could go to town with the folds... everything was still moving smoothly at this point
but then i had the bright idea to add just a tiny bit of texture to the background...
while running a few other ram heavy programs...
 after what sounded like my machine trying to run a marathon i quickly shut everything down and just focused on finishing the piece (which was littlerally cropping, adding a little link to my DA account on the bottom and saving in different sizes.... which took about 20 minutes.... thats how mad my comp was with me...
but hey in the end i'm pretty happy with the final piece.
i was terrified that i was going to get blue screened or that my comp would just start to smoke but nope in the end everything was good.
This is Niut, i have drawn her a few other times but this is the oldest she has looked.
Also Niut is a real name and it's not a typo of Nuit....
In Egyptian the meaning of the name Niut is: Mythical goddess of nothingness.
She is one the only characters i have that started as a name and then was flushed out further.

I used to use her for roleplaying where she was the complete opposite of my friends character Slavas(it was short/nickname for Mstislav)
He had the power to bring life to anything and she had the power to bring death, both were feared as monsters and kept away from each other in order to keep balance in the world however all they wanted was to be normal, happy and together.
but i'm evil and cruel to characters so yeah... not gunna happen... especially since if they do get near each other they have adverse affects on each others health and control of power.

but yeah i wanted to go with a simple outfit as opposed to the normal stuff i draw and i wanted to make it look lik the dress i had her wear in To Safety since it's the same character.

but yeah note to self... if i am dealign with a huge file no texture... or at least close everything else down before doing it.

i hope you like it.

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