Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Figure Photoshoot - Yukio Okumura -

Yay it finally arrived. This is Rin's Twin from blue exorcist and a few things to note before i put the pics up.

Yukio does not have nearly the same variety as Rin, one pose is arm up and frowny face and the other is arms down and happy.... however i really love the movement so yeah... hope you enjoy.

this is the more badass pose in my opinion whoever cause of my love to shoot things with shallow depth of field it makes it really hard to get him in focus without the aid of a tripod.... which i have i just can use with my current terrible set up...

love getting close to these figures and the freckle details are all there.

gotta love shallow depth of field.... wait i'm the only one who does? awwwww....

Composition wise these two are my fav of this pose, just overall a really dynamic figure.

and here is the other pose....
see much of a different?
yeah i was a little disappointed cause Rin has some of the biggest variety i've ever seen in a figure and i feel like Yukio kinda got jipped. To be fair i like this pose on my shelf more then the other pose seriously the only thing that changed was the arm and the face.
i do love this over the should look he can pull off.
again this is me just having too much fun with composition.
and this is my best shot of this pose, finally managed to get the other freckle in view... yeah it's not as dynamic but i still enjoy it.

and i would have taken pics of them together but it's winter and i ran out of natural light and artifical is just too harsh.
so maybe later (the other issue is these are quite wide as far as figures go and my current backdrop isn't wide enough.)

so i hope you liked this. This is the GEM series version of Yukio
I got it from Amiami  and as of now he is still currently in stock unlike his brother.... must be rough not being the main character.... poor yukio.

but yeah i hope you enjoyed my little photoshoot... i find them really fun.

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