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List: Most Moving Anime Songs

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all the songs are there so if you want to hear them go check it out

this will just be my reaction to these songs.

1. K-on!! -  Tenshi ni Fureta Yo.
I'm biased... i really didn't like K-on and didn't watch it past the the first season.... i only liked one song from that entire season(don't say lazy).... i figured i wouldn't like this song.
it was pretty sweet... most moving song? not in my opinion but still i can see why it's on the list. so yeah well done K-on...

2. AnoHana - Secret base
I love this song, next to a song that i doubt made it on the list (ano hi time machine) it is one of the most touching songs out there... the fact that it's a cover from a song done ten years prior really adds a whole other level to the song and it's meaning ion term of the show in question... I also just love how it builds... i can hear the emotion in the voices and the lyrics... oh they are so sad and so bittersweet and even a little happy...
also really fun to sing along to.

3. Angel Beats - Ichiban no Takaramono
I see why it's on the list, i was always more moved by the intro song to this show... but yeah the piano adds a nice touch to the piece.... just not the most moving song i can think of (hey i just thought of another song that wont be on this list "call me later" from blue exorcist... song literally makes me want to cry from the feels)

4. Air - Tori no Uta
yeah this is a great song thats lots of fun to sing along to  and has just such great emotion to it, not my fav of the visual arts/key shows but damn the music is so well done.

5. Guilty Crown- Kokuhaku
hm.... not the type of song i thing of when touchng is brought up but hey at least it was a little upbeat..

6. Clannad ~After Story~ -Chiisana te no hiira
yeah this is a really sweet slow song.... though again the intro song of thise season is way more touching.... i mean some of the lyrics are like "i just want to be with you, sing with you, just the two of us together...forever" yeah... just.... rip out all my feels... but yeah it's a good song i see why it's here...

7. Clannad ~After Story~ -Toki wo Kizamu Uta
well.... i guess this shows i'm writing this as i listen ot the songs... and i haven't looked at the entire list yet... as i said... this song just hits me right in the emotion... the power the violin the lyrics... just so much love and the piano... so good... love this song.... gunna need a little cry after all this...

8. Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai! - Kimi he
never heard this song before, it sounds really pretty and has some interesting parts and some great power.
so yeah pretty song.

9. Little Busters! Alicemagic
Again i find the intro song more touching, i just love the build a bit more but this song is a ton of fun and has an amazing singer. Yeah so far i'm a little disappointed in the show but it's got some time to win me over.

10. Fruits Basket - For Fruits basket
ugh... this... okay i get why this is here... it's just not my type of song... also i think this song was slowed down to be an intro song for another show i recently finished.... at least it sounds like this one... just... not my thing...

11. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time - Kawaranai Mono
This is one of the best Anime movies i've ever seen.... so touching and just well done and yeah this song is great.

12. Madoka Magica - Connect
I'm surprised this is so low... i mean once you figure out who the singer is (i mean which character is singing it not the actual singer).... how can your heart not just completely break into tiny little pieces. next to ano hi time machien, secret base, toki wo kizamu uta and Call me Later this would definately be right up there.

13. Squid Girl - Metamerism
never watched the show... song sounds a tad bit generic in my opinion but the singer is good and it sounds sweet... not my cup of tea.

14. Squid Girl - Kimi Wo Shiru Koto
Squid girl again? is the show really that touching... it never looked like something i would like so i just didn't watch it. Still the song still sounds like generic ending song... again the singer is good just... yeah maybe i don't get it...

15. Pokemon - Soko ni sora ga aru kara
I wil l admit when i was younger i loved the first few seasons of pokemon and some of the movies.... the movies especially had great music (what they didn't change from source material... what was up with all those pop songs?) This song is really pretty, i love how it's almost got a lullaby feel to it in certain parts... just really nice.

so what did you think of Japans choices? apparnetly they had quite a large group of people to ask.

also as I probably find ano hi time machine more touching cause of the visuals.... i will admit that... still it's a great song.
Call me later is just.... short but sweet
yeah it's full of Engrish... i dont care, this song makes me want to cry every time i hear it. just so pretty...

okay time to get back to drawing!

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