Monday, 31 December 2012

Completed: Jiro Dreams of Sushi

looks like i wront my retrospective of the past year a little too soon.

oh well, my thing talk about things right after i finish them... so that's what i'm going to do

The documentary i just finished watching is inspiring.
It's about one of the oldest and most prestigious Sushi chefs in japan and how he has perfected his craft by doing the same thing every day for the past 75 years.

It talks about his young life, about his current life and even what he figures will happen after he is forced to retire or dies.

If you consider yourself an artist in any way shape or form I would suggest you see this documentary, it's not terribly long but i found it to be quite an experience.

also when he said a meal at his restaurant is 300 dollars to start.... i damn near had a hear attack. But considering how much work is put into it i'm not all that surprised.

hm theres still time before midnight... better go draw something.

Happy New Year.
and seriously go watch the documentary... it's really good.

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