Monday, 24 December 2012

Figure photoshoot -Rinne Nendroid-

I love figures, while i don't have that much i really enjoy taking picture of them.
My latest figure to Arrive is from Sora no kiseki Second chapter.
I have only played first chapter so far (cause of the lack of translation for second chapter) but i adore Rinne's character design.... plus it's a falcom figure... i figure if these are sucessful maybe one day i'll have an Adol figure.... or a Geis figure.... or hell even Dogi would be great!
Her's the box!
awww look at all those cute accesories~ right now she's holding her scythe but i'll probably have her sitting down holding her bunny as the pose i keep her in.
The figure just out of the box with no changes, the back when it pretty easy (which is nice cause Nendo's can be fussy....
sorry about the crap lighting.... i had to change my setup and it's winter so the natural light i get is overly cool and i hate using flash but it was that or dark pictures...

Her with her scythe, i'll keep her like this for a bit before i change her to bunny version

her and my Estelle Nendo i gota few months back side by side... estelle is probably the most intricute figure i'e ever had... she has liek 4 shoulders and 3 different ams and 8 different hands... i want her to hold her harmonica but i have yet to fogure out which is the right hand... still love these figures

Just some super close ups... what i wouldgive for a macro lense... and a better set up and a proper lighting system.
but still i'm happy with the shallow depth of field

by the soudns of it Feena will get the next nendo treatment (i havethe estelle/rinne/feena nendo petits but i didn't feels liek taking pictures of them together... mayeb later.

So yeah Rinne and Estelle are from the Legend of heroes: Trails in the sky game and if you see the game for sale you should get it... it's pretty fun.

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