Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Next to You - From Start to Finish -

another OTP/in a perfect world pic.... this theme is Cuddling~

so i had more fun drawing this then expected... it took about 10 minutes? maybe.... anyways i just adore drawing them happy.... it'll make tearign them apart that much more fun...
did i say that out loud..... oops...

anyways for some reason Ku-name in transition-rai looks a bit mischevious and i wanted a more gentle feel.... i also wanted them to be closer.... so i did just that.

I thought i had an inbetween pic.... apparently NOPE.... oh well i'm pretty happy with this... i still hate drawing hands and multiple character in the same picture but i just had a blast.

also i wanted to finish this before i started working on a commission which should be fun... no idea when i'll have time to do a 4 chibi pic.... but i'll manage

for now though i need to go rest and get over this stupid cold that i've had for a week now >< i hate winter.... i always get so sick...

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