Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Completed: The Indignation of Haruhi Suzumiya

this is book 8 of 10.

to put it lightly i'm a fan of this series...
yeah thast putting it really likely.

I don't know why i love it so much.... endless eight arc should be enough for me to hate it... but i don't.
I think the story telling is clever (no matter which order of the 4 available you watch it in)
I like the characters... since even the vapid Moe girl seems to have some depth....
i really like the music.... which is funny cause it's mostly saxaphone and i tend to dislike songs with sax in it...
and  I adore Kyon's snark.... in fact if Kyon weren't in the series i wouldn't watch/read.... considering he's the main character....
oh.... on that note.

Dear person who writes the back of the book.
Haruhi IS the Titular character.... no one can argue that fact.
she is NOT the main character.

Kyon is the main character, we see it through his eyes, we hear his inner and sometimes a surprise to him outer Dialogue, we know exactly as much as he does.

What do we know about Haruhi? we know thats she's a crazy try anything girl with godlike powers that she either got herself three years prior or was given three years prior.
thats it, we've never been to her house, we know nothing about her in general other then she enjoys having Fun..... but not any kind of fun... no it has to be special.

But otherwise she's just a plotpoint, she drives the story forward despite how little she takes part in it.
and she barely takes part in it cause she can't... the others wont let her.

But Kyon gets to take part in all the crazy shit.... therefor it's his story *nods*

oh i'm supposed to talk about Indignation.... right.

So this book has two short stories, completely new content which always makes me smile.

Haruhi does have more of a part in both but still she doesn't take part in anything.... but still it's nice to see the club continue it's activities in such a crazy way... it's also good to see how she really can be a kind and thoughtful person... quite grounded in reality...

Both stories had a moment that made me laugh, one was what kyon was forced to write about (though when it wasn't about a certain thing i was upset cause i wanna know more about a certain character who STILL hasn't been introduced... but has been hinted at since the first episode/chapter) and the other was a certain joke from a certain character..... mostly cause i use it to torture a good friend of mine when i wanna be spoiler free.

But in the end... not my fav volume, while i love Kyon's epiphany (for someone who claims to be stupid he sure as hell can be really smart)I just felt like it didn't really advance the plot too much and there were no hints to my Kyonism theory Except for Kyon's little epiphany... . it was just "lets allude to something we've been hinting at since day one" and "kyon has an epiphany as big if not bigger then Haruhi's 'how insignificant one person in a crowd' moment."

It is still good and i'm sure some of the things here will seem more important when i read the last two volumes..... which aren't out for a while.... i'm gunna go have a little cry now....
i'm terrible at this waiting thing... oh well.... i guess the waiting is good cause i kinda don't want it to end.... i like guessing at things like "will we see more of Koizumi's attitude? is Kyon really the god? Is Mikuru using mind control drugs in the tea (i'm not kidding that is a valid theory) what is Kyon's real name? would Itsuki really put it or the nickname in the acknowledgement section of his book?
who knows.... i wont till i read the next two.... and i really look forward to it.

but dammit i really hate that i have to wait so long... when is book 9 being released?
i'm seeing both April and June being release dates... i don't know which is correct....
thats so far away (ignoring that i waited two years for Lightbringer Book 2)

oh well... still love this series.... so snarky

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