Saturday, 29 December 2012

Wishing Star - From start to finish -

i was bad and didn't draw anything at all yesterday.... i decided playing Tales of vesperia was more fun.... so today i promised myself i would try to finish something.

and i figured it may be fun to work with a longer composition then i'm used to...
so i did a really simple sketch.
and i liked the concept but not all the details so i brought it in and began to touch it up
i made the trail much larger and refined some details and then i pretty much changed my mind about things like hair and whatnot.
i just filt that had i carried the star theme in the hair it would have been too mcuh so instead i tried so flowy hair that curles all over.... kinda a shame that it's covered by the scarf but that probably saved it.
And yeah unfortunately a long composition is difficult to show on a computer screen so here's a close up of the figure.

so yeah my inpiration was a shooting star... i just wanted to try and personify it in a way and this was the final product, i hope you like it.

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