Thursday, 6 December 2012

Twitter Adeventures

So those who know me know that i have a twitter account but I don't tend to use it.... just when I'm letting people know I've written a review or finished some art.  I use it mostly to see when authors or content creators are releasing something new.

Those who know me also know that because work is dreadfully boring and stressful I listen to random videos from all over the Internet like TGWTG, Blistered thumbs and Youtube.
Well not too long ago I was watching a Shinkara: Video about Xseed's "The Last Story"

I am a fan of Xseed cause among some awesome titles they released a bunch of the Falcom titles I love so much to North America (which is great cause I'm trying to play Nayuta no kiseki but the fact that I'm so slow at reading Japanese is making it next to impossible to get the bulk of the story.... why isn't it all voice acted? WHY)

Anyways... back on track... in that video he mentions that he likes other games xseed like Ys and Trails in the sky, that impressed me cause 99% of people have never tried those games cause they aren't hugely popular.

So i decide to follow his twitter account cause why not?

now this guy is awesome cause he seems to talk to others easily... including me.. i felt bad that i couldn't say what film i was working on in the tweets but twitter is a bit too public..... imdb on the other hand.... 
that shouldn't get me in trouble.... i hope....

ANYWAYS... back on track.... today while at work i was making a poster for a mini party thing and i was working on it for about an hour... i thought about saving and photoshop read my mind and crashed... cause photoshop is a jerk sometimes.... but then again... i am to blame... i wasn't saving much..... or at all... : (

anyways this is what spurred on all of this.

it gave me a chuckle, and i just wanted to mention that some Internet contributors are awesome and that you should go watch his video.

and that concludes my twitter adventure... it was a bit longer then my Aaron Pogue one (which if i didn't write about here was literally me writing a review of his novel, him reading it and telling me it made me smile and then me hiding from twitter for a good month....)

so yeah..... um.... that's all i got.... i should get back to working on the poster.... but i have a feeling I'll just end up doing it at home on my Cintiq... the tablet i have here barely works anymore.... which is why it took me an hour to finish one small tiny itty bitty piece of the poster..... *sighs* still i should have been saving.

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